pope-francisWould you like to become a Catechist at Our Lady of Hal?

Catechesis is the education in the faith of children, young people and adults providing the teaching of Christian doctrine imparted, generally speaking, in an organic and systematic way, with a view to initiating the hearers into the fullness of the Catholic life.

The Catechist is the one who engages in such religious instruction. Lay people, in so doing, assist the Priest in providing catechism to those wishing to be initiated in the Catholic Faith. They must adhere to the teaching of the Church faithfully and with enthusiasm as it is important that we are able to pass on authentically the faith received from the apostles as articulated by the Roman Pontiff and the Catholic Church.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Catechist at Our Lady of Hal please speak to the Parish Priest or contact the Parish Office.