Finance Committee

The Finance Committee for Hemel West exists to advise Father Brian in his administration of the financial affairs of the parish and is made up of Parishioners

The Committee is responsible for the safety and management of all the funds of the parish and for ensuring that these are kept in an account within central banking.  We meet at least three times a year to assess the financial position and to ensure that we have sufficient funds available to meet our current liabilities by ensuring a budget is set.  All major expenditure over £10k  has to be approved by the Diocese of Westminster.

The Parish accounts are kept in a prescribed manner and are presented to the committee members at our meetings.  Annual accounts are submitted to the Parish each year after the Annual Financial Return  (AFR) has been submitted to the Diocese.

The Current members are: Geoff Doyle, Katy Kent, Ivonne Reina, Fr. Brian and Deacon Simon. Currently we are looking to recruit a Chair to keep us in order!