Marriage Preparation in Hemel West

If you are planning on getting married in the Church, your first point of contact must be your parish priest. You parish priest is the priest of the parish in which you are resident. It is normal to be married in your own geographical parish by your Parish Priest. If another priest is going to conduct the service (eg a relative) this should be arranged with your parish priest well in advance. If one of the parties is from another Christian denomination Fr Brian is happy for their Minister to be present and share in some aspects of the wedding ceremony.

It is crucial that you understand what you are consenting to when you make your wedding vows, so the Diocese of Westminster requires a minimum of 6 months notice of intention of marriage. Please do not arrange anything for your wedding day, or share plans or a proposed wedding date,  without first talking with your parish priest.

The parish priest’s  job is to  ensure that there are no impediments to the marriage and that the  couple fully understand the obligations and sacred nature of the sacrament of Marriage. This will cover topics such as, the nature of the sacrament: its obligations, the indissolubility of marriage, the unity of marriage, and free acceptance of the gift of children. Most of this will be covered at a marriage course. Practical details will be provided at the initial meeting.

In all instances speak to your parish priest first!

Two Marriage Information Sessions are run via ZOOM by Fr Brian. One in January and one in June. Once you provide you make contact with Fr Brian and have provided your email address and mobile phone, then the date will be shared with you.