Baptism Preparation

If you are a new parent – congratulations! You should have your child baptised¬† as soon as is possible. That means that you need to prepare for this important sacramental event, when your child becomes a member of God’s family. Your parish is here to help you prepare and puts on a Baptism Preparation Class; attendance can be booked on the Events page . Just scroll through the calendar until you come to the session. Click on the entry and book on – simples!

If you have not previously attended a Baptism Preparation Class, review the newsletter every week where the dates of the preparation class will be announced. These dates vary and attendance can be booked on the Events page. Only after attending a Baptism Preparation Class, is it possible to book a slot for a baptism and not before. Please do not notify friends and family of a proposed baptism date until completion of the course and any issues that arise are resolved with Fr Brian, especially if it may be necessary to delay the baptism.

The Baptism Preparation Class is required for the first child and subsequent children if you are not a weekly Mass attender. If you attend Mass weekly and it is three years since you attended a baptism preparation class then re-attendance of the class is highly recommended,  particularly as your contributions to the discussions will be a valuable for new parents.

Parents should be willing to contribute to discussion and reflection with other parents and the session leader, as to why they want Baptism for their children.

At present, Baptism Preparation Sessions are held via on-line video conference and attendance can be booked on the Events page.

The session consists of explaining the meaning of the Sacrament of Baptism, including the symbols used during the rite and answering any queries.

If you have attended a Baptism Preparation Class within the last twelve months, then please collect an Information Form and once completed you can book the baptism by contacting the Parish Administrator during their Office Hours. Baptisms are not usually held during the season of Lent or the months of July, August and December, unless there is a specific pastoral need.

We look forward to welcoming your child into the family of God!