KSC – The Knights of St Columba

“Serve God
by serving others”

The Knights of St Columba (KSC) is a national Order of Catholic Laymen with about 6,000 members in the UK.  The KSC is a Family Organisation, dedicated to The Holy Family.  It is firmly committed to the protection of human life and to the preservation and defence of the family.

The KSC has a proud record of service in Hemel Hempstead since gaining its Charter in 1957.  We are blessed with members from all Parishes but with a strong nucleus who worship at St Mary and St Joseph.  Our members are from a wide range of age groups and different backgrounds but we all have one thing in common which is to serve the Church and our fellow man in a tangible way.  Like most of us with such limited time and so many other commitments these days, in our small way we share a strong desire to give something back to the church and to do more than just regularly attend Mass.

Our activities cover not only practical charitable works, including fund raising and helping out at Parish events, but we are also mindful of the need to grow spiritually which we do through the rosary, days of reflection and pilgrimages.

To give you some idea of what we do (and where you might help) we: –

  • Run a Bingo Session at the Parish Centre  (first Wednesday of each month)
  • Help out with the Annual Christian Aid collection
  • Put up the crib in the Marlowes every Christmas
  • Take part in the Knights knockout quiz against other Councils in the area
  • Support the Christmas Fetes and Bazaars in Boxmoor and Adeyfield
  • Organise the Annual  Blessing at Woodwells Cemetery
  • Organise the Annual Pilgrimage to Aylesford
  • Act as Stewards at Diocesan Events – St Therese of Liseaux  – Papal Visit
  • Run Fundraising events (Race Nights/Quiz Nights)

Although small in number we are an enthusiastic, committed and friendly group of men who, as a team, are always willing and able to support our elderly and infirm members and to help the Church and community.  This is supported by a strong action and social programme during the year.  We aim to enjoy ourselves as much as possible and also involve wives and families as well.

The Knights meet in the Parish Centre on the second Thursday of the month.  New members are always more than welcome.

If you would like to find out more about what you can do for the Knights (and what the Knights can do for you!), please speak to : Tom Joyce 01442 216 135.

Contact: Tom Joyce