Please contact the presbytery for more information on any of the below activities – 020 7485 4023.

Sacristy Team
Purpose: Prepares and clears up after all Liturgies. Decorates the church and
cleans the church.
Contacts: Mary Staunton, Grace Odong, Joan Cooney and Sheila Perera.

Purpose: Greet  Mass goers at the weekend Masses.
Contact: Paul Adams.

Altar Servers
Purpose: Mainly serve weekend Masses. Children 9yrs and above.
Leaders: Ann Warne and David Betts.

Musicians, Choirs, Cantors
Parish Musician: Parish Office.

18:00 Saturday Evening Mass — Fr John Deehan.
09:00 Sunday Mass — Eve Knott.
11:00 Sunday Mass —  Claire Betts.
18:00pm  Sunday Evening Mass — Marie Scanlan.

Purpose:  Read the Scriptural Readings at the weekend Masses.
Coordinator:  Joelle Simpson.

Eucharistic Ministers
Purpose: With the priest distributes  Communion at the Masses.
Coordinator: Joelle Simpson.

Collectors & Counters
Purpose: Weekend Collections at Masses, collected, counted and banked.
Contact: Eddie Naughton.

Tea Groups after Mass
Purpose: Ministry of hospitality and welcoming.
Contacts: Joan Cooney and Mary Staunton.