stbedeWelcome to the Catholic Church of St Bede’s, Croxley Green.

We are part of the Diocese of Westminster.  St. Bede’s is a lively and warm-hearted parish, small enough for people to get to know each other.  We have a wide spread of people, of all ages, with many families and young children who are especially welcome at our 10 am family Mass on Sundays.

If you are a Catholic living in Croxley Green, St Bede’s is your parish.

Full access is available at the times of services, and by arrangement at other times.

We are very proud of our association with St Bede, a great scripture scholar, renowned throughout Europe, and the first systematic historian of the English people.

We also have a special devotion to St Theresa of Lisieux, our first patron.  She is the saint who made the daily routine of life the source of her holiness, and so inspired ordinary folk to aspire to a deep knowledge and love for God.