Life Ascending (formerly Ascent Group)

A thought provoking and innovative logo for Life Ascending by Pylon Design

We have had an Ascent group in our Parish since 1998, although you may not be aware that it is an international movement within the church for Christians in their middle to later years.

The name has now been officially changed to Life Ascending. This brings the movement in the UK into line with the rest of Europe where it has always been known as Life Ascending.

Life Ascending ‘s origins and ethos are Catholic but it is open to people of all denominations. Our group meet every two weeks on a Wednesday at 2.30 PM in the library.   We welcome new members and visitors who may like to come and see for themselves what goes on.

If you would like to know more please speak to Annegirt Hill, telephone number 0208 866 1426 or come along on a Wednesday. (see News for next date)

It is not life ascending to heaven, but rather life growing here and now towards a human and Christian fullness”.