Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

06th OCTOBER 2019


Anthony Inglese, PPC Chair, writes:

The PPC meets every 3 months to advise and assist Fr Martin on the spiritual development of everyone in the parish; on encouraging lay participation in the ministries of the parish in the widest sense; on planning the major social events in the parish; and on reaching out to others within and beyond the parish.

At our meeting on 1 October we discussed ways of encouraging members of the parish to feel able to put themselves forward for parish ministries, which Fr Martin will be saying more about in the months that follow; we advised Fr Martin about how he could take forward his idea for the setting up of a “vision group” to work closely with him for a few months to consider ways to bring people of the parish together to help deepen their spiritual lives.

The next big events in the parish will be: the Folk Group 40th Anniversary Concert on Saturday, 12 October; the Churches Together in Eastcote Carol Service, which our church is hosting on Monday, 9 December; and a Christmas Event along the lines of last year’s on Sunday, 15 December.