Childrens Liturgy +Our Lord Jesus Christ , King of the Universe

Children’s Liturgy
This week we celebrate a very special feast day called Christ the King. Perhaps you might like to make a crown to wear before you watch the video?
We are all part of Gods kingdom and because none of the helpers want to be left out, they are all there today, including Bertie who is feeling better. See if you can count how many helpers are with Jane and Anthony.

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Children’s Liturgy +33rd Sunday in Ordinary time

Well this week there is a bit of extra work to do. Last weeks link didn’t work properly and so you may not have been able to see the video. This is a shame as there was a new helper and as it was his first time, it would be good if we can all watch it to make him feel welcome, so here is last weeks video, if you weren’t able to see it.

Now this week poor Bertie has a cold so won’t be there but Polar and Baa Baa are. See if you can see a special flower picture in the video? Do you know what it is?

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