30TH JUNE 2019


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Today is my last day here and this is my last Newsletter. I am feeling quite sad but happy at the same time!   I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the cards, gifts and kind words I have received over the last few weeks.  I hope to see you at the Mass that Fr Martin is very kindly saying for me on 23rd July, and afterwards at the party.

God Bless & keep you all. 

CHURCHES TOGETHER IN EASTCOTE invite you to a United Service – ‘Called to be Saints’

Sunday 30th June at 4pm.  United Reformed Church, Joel Street, Northwood Hills.

Refreshments provided.

All Welcome

To include the AGM


The folk group was formed 40 years ago by Sean & Hazel Stone.  They were the first couple to be married in the new St Thomas More Church.  Soon after, Mgr Anglim gave them permission to form a folk group which has been playing ever since and is helped by the choir at Mass.  The folk group is joined  by other instrumentalists and singers to give concerts at sheltered housing, care homes and charity concerts under the name ‘The Family Music Makers.’  This extended group plays for the ‘Churches Together’ carol concerts and pantomimes and helps at special Masses such as the Childrens Christmas Mass.

Their instruments include drums, violins, flutes, accordion, ukulele, steel pans, keyboard, bass guitar and acoustic guitars.  Their repertoire includes Irish, Pop, Folk & Christmas songs.  On Saturday 12 October, to celebrate their 40 years, the folk group are playing a social evening in the Parish Centre..  The event will include a singalong, some songs to listen to and food.

So please put the date in your diary. 

 Catechism classes  are after the 9.30am Mass on Sundays.  If your child is NOT AT A CATHOLIC SCHOOL please ensure they regularly attend these classes prior to enrolment for First Communion programme. The next class is on 14th July

The ST VINCENT  DE PAUL group will meet on at 10.45 every other Sunday.  For more information about the work of this group please contact Josien Sarratt on 020 8866 4395

  The LIFE ASCENDING group meet on Wednesday 10th July at 2.30pm in the Library.  Their welcome extends to all Christians in their middle to later years.  Please come along on Wednesday.


If you like to use social media to communicate and update, we now have a live facebook page. If you already have a facebook account, send a friend request to More Thomas RC searchable. This is a public facebook account. Linked to this, there will be a private group.  More info in a few weeks


The next collection of donated food for  Hillingdon Food Bank will be on 2nd July.  Please bring in your food items before then.  Thank you for your continued generosity.