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Last online children’s liturgy

Well we have some great news, the Children’s Liturgy is going to be starting up again in person at church. This will be the last on line video, as we celebrate Pentecost Sunday. Special thanks to Jane and Anthony, plus all the toy helpers, for their time and commitment in making these liturgy videos for our young people each week. It has been an amazing resource that started in lockdown and has continued ever since. The parish is very grateful.

Children’s Liturgy: So this week we hear an amazing story about the Holy Spirit and how he can guide us in what we do. As it is the last video on line, all the helpers are there to join in- Can you name them all? Well there’s Ginger, Hut, Hugo……… and lots more. See how many you can count listening to the gospel. Also Bertie is finally going to be happy. Can you guess why?

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