Sunday 5th December 2021

+2nd Sunday of Advent

Dear Parishioners

‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!’

John the Baptist is truly the greatest of the prophets. He had the unique role of being the immediate precursor to the Saviour of the World. John was sanctified within the womb of his mother at the moment when Mary, who was pregnant with Jesus, visited Elizabeth. John did his preaching in the desert of Judea. He did not sit on a royal throne or enjoy the honours of the Jewish leaders. Instead, he was poor, simple, prayerful, regularly engaged in penance, remained in the desert and invited many people to come to him. And when they came, he preached bold words to all. When the Pharisees and Sadducees came to hear him John said “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath? Produce good fruit as evidence of your repentance.” He then went on to preach that someone mightier than him was coming and that he was not worthy to even untie His sandal straps. This is the Messiah, Jesus who will come to make the supreme sacrifice of love on Calvary that we might be saved from our sins and restored to a relationship with our Creator. In what ways do we need to hear John’s message of repentance and grow closer to God and in openness to his love in our lives? The humble soul will always be willing to see the sin in their soul and will seek to allow the powerful words spoken by John to lead to deeper repentance. Advent is a time to reflect upon the unerring truth that we will always need to repent, that is to desire to be more and more transformed by the perfection of God’s infinite love. Let us give thanks to God for the strong words of Saint John the Baptist and hear those words as if they were spoken just for us. Let us receive them with humility and rejoicing, and allow them to prepare us more fully to receive our Divine Lord more deeply into our souls this Advent season.

God bless you,

Fr Martin