30TH JUNE 2019


 Dear Parishioners,

This week, in the run of such significant feasts we have been celebrating, we remember Saint Peter and Saint Paul in our Church’s calendar. Tradition holds that both of these noble champions of the faith were martyred in Rome during the reign of the Emperor Nero; St Peter crucified upside down and St Paul beheaded. They have left us writings in the New Testament but this is just part of their witness to the truth of the Christian Faith. Both men were flawed in ways but allowed God to transform them through the grace of the Cross to become heroic and faithful foundation stones for the Church and the work of the Gospel in our world. May their prayers inspire us and sustain us in our own age and in times to come.

 ‘About their merits and virtues, which surpass all power of telling, let us not make distinctions or draw comparisons; for both were chosen, they were alike in their labours, they were partners in death. But, drawing upon our own experience and upon the teaching of our forefathers, we believe and are sure that in the troubles in this life we must ask to be helped by the prayers of our special heavenly patrons in obtains God’s mercy; for as we are weighed down by our own sins, so are we raised up by the Apostles’ merits. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom together with the Father and the Holy Ghost is equal power and identical Divinity, for ever and ever. Amen.’ (Pope St Leo the Great)

 Farewell to our Parish Administrator – We officially say farewell to Helen Howley this week as she takes up her life of ‘leisure’ and leaves the post of Parish Administrator with us. This is a post she has fulfilled faithfully at St Thomas More for over 16 years. It is with the gratitude of the many, many people that she has assisted during this time that the parish wishes her well but also expresses its sadness as she leaves the post. Helen has been a parishioner here in the parish for the most part of her life and so she knows the parish inside out. Each member of the Church, like Sts Peter and Paul, contribute to the building up of the Body of Christ. Through her faithful loving service, Helen has helped our parish to be successful in so many ways. She has gone beyond the call of duty in the sacrificing of her time and efforts in so many ways. In a recent parish audit her administration of the parish office was noted as exemplary, which is well deserved. I am personally very grateful to Helen for all her help in this last year in assisting me in settling into the parish through all her support and expert advice. May she be blessed by our prayers as she begins this next stage of her journey.

Save the Date -There will be an opportunity for the parish to gather and give thanks for Helen’s ministry on Tuesday 23rd July, beginning with mass at 7pm followed by a parish social in the hall. Please do come along and share in the evening with Helen and the parish.

Feast-day Congratulations – Well done to everyone who helped make last weekend’s Summer Fare such a wonderful success. The outcome of the day would have been impossible without the support of so many willing helpers. It was also wonderful to see so many people in attendance, able to share in the warmth and fellowship of the Parish of St Thomas More. It was a very fitting way to celebrate our patronal saint’s feast day. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making the day a real triumph.


         Fr Martin