Sacramental Preparation


Expectant parents, or parents of infants, are asked to contact the Parish Priest after Sunday Mass to make an appointment to meet with him to begin the process of preparation for Baptism.  Parents need to attend a preparation course before any date for Baptism can be arranged.  The guidance of the Code of Canon Law is that infants should be baptised “within the first weeks” of life outside the womb.


This is for adults who want to explore the meaning of Catholic faith.  First it is for adults who have not been baptised, or those baptised in a non-Catholic ecclesial community, who wish to become Catholics.  Then it is for those who have been baptised a Catholic but who have, for whatever reason, never completed their initiation or who have fallen away from practising the faith and wish to return.  For further information please contact the Parish Priest.


A baptised Catholic must marry according to the rites of the Church.  Couples preparing for marriage to take place either in this parish or to be married elsewhere are required by the Diocese of Westminster to give at least six months notice of an intended wedding so that the necessary preparation can be undertaken.  It is advisable to give as much notice as possible, for date can be set for a wedding until the process of preparation is in place.  Speak with the Parish Priest to arrange a first meeting.


Each year in May and June arrangements are announced at Sunday Mass and in the Sunday Newsletter for the necessary preparation course for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  This is usually for children in Year 3 and above.  Children who are not pupils in a Catholic School need to complete the Parish R.E. Programme during the year before preparing for First Holy Communion.


Arrangements are announced at Sunday Mass and in the Sunday Newsletter for the programme of preparation of young people for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  At present in England and Wales this means those in Year 9 and above at school.