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Missalette Sunday, December 5th

Wednesday 8 December is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and the closing of the Year of St Joseph  You are invited to come and celebrate with our parish and to gather round the altar with our candles for Evening Prayer to celebrate Our Lady and St Joseph on this great Feast at 7pm-7.45pm.   Please do come and bring your family and friends!

St Bart’s Festive Cake Bake Event-Sunday 12.12.2021
All Parishioners are warmly invited to join for the cake bake event  in the hall next Sunday from 11.30am. All proceeds will go to the Youth Talk charity. Cakes and cookies can be delivered from 10:00am on the day. Please bring these on a disposable plate and covered with cling film and label including short ingredients list placed on the packaging .
Gift Aid forms will be available at the event- do complete if gift aid applies for you.
Building Community Group(PPC)

Bishops Conference statement – Honouring Sunday

Synodal Pathway documents have moved to here



The Bishops’ guidance following the relaxation of legal restrictions stresses we’re entering a period of transition, which will be a step-by-step process of returning to normal practice depending on local circumstances.  At St Barts, we will continue for the time-being as follows:

  • QR codes and paper forms will continue for NHS Test and Trace;
  • The toilet will be open – please use the wipes before and after touching surfaces;
  • The Church will remain well ventilated and hand sanitisers available;
  • The one-way system will stay, as will sitting in alternate pews;
  • We will continue to bring Holy Communion to the pews;
  • Face masks are not compulsory but for those not exempt are strongly encouraged at all times but especially when moving in, out and around the Church;
  • We will continue to clean the Church after each Sunday Mass;
  • We will start to reintroduce congregational singing
  • Physical Sign of Peace remain suspended as it is not an integral part of the Mass, and its omission will help to reduce physical contact between people during the celebration.

While we all desire to return to normal, we have to remember some, like those with suppressed immune systems, continue to be at great risk from COVID-19.  Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.

Developing our Parish Mission Together – meetings:

Click here for Zoom Meeting 2 Summary – 8 June 2021

Click here for Zoom Meeting 1 Summary – 26 May 2021

Click here for “St Barts Together – May 2021” which
shares parish activities through contributions from
parishioners and provides a spiritual perspective to
help us grow our understanding of our faith.

Other Parish Information

Gift Aid details

Gift Aid Form

ST BARTS 200 form 2020-2021

Parish survey 2021 click here for the WORD format form

Parish survey 2021 click here for a PDF easy read format

Ecumenical Chaplaincy Book Feb 2021

Please don’t forget Food Bank donations at Supermarkets:


Click here for today’s readings


If you are helped by a visual participation in the Mass, then go to one of the websites on which that celebration is being streamed. Here is list of parishes with streamed celebrations of Mass across the Diocese: 200318 Mass streaming and useful websites.  There is also a list here.

Masses at Ss Alban and Stephen Catholic Church on YouTube

Online Masses at St Teresa’s Borehamwood

Online Masses at St Luke’s Pinner

Online Masses at Westminster

Here is a prayer resource prepared by Fr Allen Morris for those in isolation: Prayer not alone Westminster no pic

Fr Christopher Jamison OSB has produced a resource about how to isolate healthily called Alone Together.

Click here for a growing list of prayers and online resources that may prove helpful

Association of Christian Counsellors

ACC’s COVID-19 Crisis Counselling Support Service has been set up to help people who are experiencing difficult feelings, thoughts and circumstances because:
• They work within a NHS setting (medical and ancillary staff) and are being impacted by caring for people who have COVID-19, or
• They have been bereaved at this time, whether due to COVID-19 or another reason.

The service offers up to ten sessions of counselling on a no-fee basis, either on-line or by telephone.
To find out more please visit ACC’s website or if you don’t have access to a computer, please ring 024 7644 9694.

Counsellors offering this service are all working in a voluntary
capacity and according to professional standards and codes of ethics
and practice.
ACC is the Association of Christian Counsellors, which holds an accredited register of
counsellors under the Professional Standards Authority. If you are a registered
counsellor and would like to apply to volunteer for the service please contact us on