Parish Support

Groups Primarily Offering Practical Support to Priests & Parishioners:

Fresh flowers are placed on the sanctuary area on a bi-weekly basis.
Contact: Luz Coogan via

Church Cleaners/Gardeners/Altar Linen Washing
These are the people who are often unnoticed but who make the life of our parish so much more bearable. Your commitment would be about once every five to six weeks.
Contact: Kathleen Reddington via

Finance & Premises Committee
A diverse group of parishioners appointed by the parish priest who meet three times a year to assist in matters relating to finance and the maintenance and development of the premises.
Contact: Tim Kelleher via

Knights of St. Columba
The Knights of St Columba was set up in Glasgow in Oct 1906. The order exists to support the mission of the Catholic Church and at the same time to work for the spiritual & material welfare of its members and their families.
St Mary Magdalen church is the home of Council 404. We endeavour to carry out charitable works by raising funds and supporting homes and our widows. We would welcome new members. Our monthly meetings are held on second Friday of the month at 8:00pm in the church Annex which was built by the Knights as their meeting hall.
Contact: Tim Kelleher via

Cash Counters
This vital task would take about two hours of your time every five weeks.
Contact:Kathleen Reddington via

The repository was opened 25 years ago and through the years has provided a much needed and welcome service to the parish, selling a host of religious objects including, bibles, statues, missals, and books. It also has a large selection of Christmas and other seasonal cards and gifts for all sorts of occasions including First Holy Communion & Confirmation. The repository is run on a voluntary basis by parishioners and is open before and after all Sunday Masses.
Contact: Breda Kelleher via

Magdala Editorial Board
The parish magazine comes out a few times a year and reports on events taking place in the parish or other activities of interest.
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