The Author: Eric Brentini was born in the parish of Willesden Green in 1920 and served Mass both there and at the Mission House as a small boy.

He was educated at the Cardinal Vaughan School, Kensington and is a Classics graduate of Clare College, Cambridge.


There are virtually no parish or school records extant.

Fr. Mullin’s ‘Short history’ has been amplified chiefly from the following sources:

  • the Missionary Gazette 1910-14 (courtesy the Catholic Missionary Society),
  • ‘The Life and Work of Mother St. Ignatius’ (courtesy the Sisters of Jesus and Mary),
  • the Willesden Chronicle (courtesy the Grange Museum and the Colindale Newspaper Library),
  • the Archives of the Diocese of Westminster (courtesy Miss Poyser, archivist),
  • the Tablet (courtesy of the Catholic Central Library)
  • and Minutes of the Parish Committee.
  • Parishioners past and present, too numerous to mention, have contributed photographs and mementos.
  • Sr. Marie-Therëse, RJM, commenced writing this history and Mr Michael Farley has helped with research.

Published by St. Mary Magdalen Roman Catholic Church, Willesden Green, London NW10 2DD.
co 1988 St. Mary Magdalen, Willesden Green

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