Sometimes in life we miss out on the various milestones of our Catholic upbringing or decide after many years to convert to Catholicism or to be Baptised. Whatever the case, you would be most welcome into the fullness of the Catholic Church.

Please see Monsignor Roger after Mass to arrange a time to meet with him and discuss a programme of formation. This is usually on a one-to-one basis unless another person can meet at the same time as you. And don’t assume that your marital status or something else means you can’t receive the Sacraments – talk to Monsignor Roger first.

In the meantime, contact the parish of your Baptism (if applicable) and get a Baptism certificate if you don’t have one at home. And think about a sponsor: this person must be over 16, Confirmed (ask them now to get a copy of their certificate), attend Mass every week (ask them now to get a certificate of attendance from their parish priest), and cannot be one of your parents.