The Missionaries Leave

As London continued its inexorable growth north-westwards, Dr. Vaughan, with an eye to future needs, acquired a site at Barnhill Road, Blackbird Hill. This site was handed over to the Diocese in 1928 and has become the Church of the English Martyrs.

Another section of the parish had been formed into the Dollis Hill parish, under the care of the Rosminian Fathers, in 1915.

In November 1929 the Diocese, knowing of a Mass attendance of 700 and sensing that Willesden Green was no longer a “mission” area, sent a young diocesan priest as curate, in preparation for taking the parish over from the CMS: he was Fr. Tom Fitzgerald, a native of Tipperary, who was eventually to become a legend in the parish.

In 1933 Dr. Vaughan became ill and resigned all his functions in the CMS. The Diocese took over the parish immediately and appointed Fr. Fitzgerald as Parish Priest.

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