Parish Synodal Pathway

Towards a Church that Journeys Together

Pope Francis has called for a Synod to take place in Rome in 2023.  It’s an invitation for us, as Catholics, to ‘journey together’

For the first time, the Synod Office in Rome has produced a comprehensive process which encompasses the stated aim of the Holy Father that the Church in today’s world should have a vision of missionary communion orientated to evangelisation.

The Process

The process begins in the Particular (or Local) Church and then moves to the level of the Bishops’ Conference. From there, discernment takes place in the Regional Area – for England and Wales, it would be steered by the European Council of Bishops’ Conferences (CCEE) – before moving to the Universal Church with the final Synod Gathering of Bishops in 2023.

Every member of the Church has the right to speak and be listened to. Pope Francis in his book ‘Let us Dream’ says “we need a respectful, mutual listening, free of ideology and predetermined agendas”. This is at the heart of the process. Each diocese will form its own means of running this listening process so that it reaches as broad a scope of people as possible: parishioners, schools, young people, hospital chaplaincies, university chaplaincies, prison chaplaincies, the religious and consecrated communities, the societies of apostolic life, those with a distinctive charism in the church all have a voice that speaks into the conversation. Catholic organisations and charities also have a role to play in this work.

How the Process will unfold at Northfields

Questions being Addressed

For a paper copy of the questions to consider, ‘Share Your Thoughts’, please see below. Copies also available at church. Responses can be returned to the box in the church.

Online version can be found by scanning the QR code below or by clicking on this link

For full information on the diocesan process and for other resources, go to

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Online Zoom Listening Event

A Zoom Listening Event is being organised for 7.30pm to 9.00pm, Thursday 13 January.  All are welcome –  whether you went to the previous event or not.  This is the only way of joining this meeting Click here to register or scan the QR code below

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