About the Parish

The Parish of Millwall is situated in the Tower Hamlets Deanery. It was founded in 1846. The church was originally built in 1874 and rebuilt and consecrated in 2000.

Our News page contains announcements and information, and our Events listing has upcoming services and events.

You can download a copy of our weekly parish newsletter from here.


Prayer of Thanksgiving

Lord, my God, thank you for the great gifts with which you have bless me every day throughout my life.

Thank you for the gift of life and the freedom to choose, without which I would be nothing.

Thank you for my family, who loved me and taught me and made me what I am today.

Thank you for the friends I have known, and those that still continue with me, who have added to my happiness in life.

Thank you for each day that I live and breathe, and for the opportunities you give me to discover what I am meant to do in this brief life of mine.

Thank you for the gift of your eternal love for me, without which I could not exist.

And thank you for your greatest gift: the light of your son, Jesus Christ, that you sacrificed for us so that he could point the way to salvation and eternal life.