Giving to the Parish

The planned giving envelope scheme has been running for many years, providing a stable and regular income for the parish. Parishioners receive a box of envelopes for each Sunday of the year and, if possible, commit to giving a regular sum each week. The amount given can be varied if circumstances change or cancelled if necessary. All records are completely confidential.

If it does not suit you to pay cash in an envelope, you may also pay by direct debit/standing order/bank transfer.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid to add 25p to every £1 that you donate at no extra cost to yourself!

As you may already know, Gift Aid was set up by the government to support charitable organizations, such as our own parish. If you are a UK tax payer, we can add 25p to every £1 that you donate, reclaimed from the tax you have already paid. It does not matter which tax bracket you belong to, as long as the tax you pay is more than the amount we claim back. In fact, Gift Aid benefits higher bracket tax payers who can claim the difference between the rate they pay and the basic rate on their donation.

We have been reviewing our parish records and noticed that whilst you are a planned giver, you may not be signed up to Gift Aid. Currently, only about 50% of our offertory donations are Gift Aided, and as a result our parish is missing out on up to £9,900 a year! This money would make a significant difference to our parish finances, and wouldn’t cost you, or the parish, anything extra!

To sign a Gift Aid declaration you need to pay at least as much in income tax each year as you give to the parish. Please contact the Parish Office for more information.

In order to claim Gift Aid, donors simply have to sign a Gift Aid declaration form (find enclosed) and donate via envelope or by standing order. If you can help the parish by Gift Aiding your donations, I would be very grateful. Just complete the Gift Aid declaration enclosed and return it to the parish. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the parish on the contact details below.

Text giving

Give to the Parish via a mobile phone text message.

Type: Parish (then space) then MILLW. Send it to 70800. Click send.

£5 will be added to your mobile phone bill, as a donation to the parish.

WRCDT – Charity Number 233699