The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) – Exploring the Faith

The course is designed, primarily, for those who are thinking about becoming members of the Catholic Church, but it is also open to those who are married to a Catholic and want to know more about what their partner believes, those who are from another faith, or Catholics who wish to refresh their faith. 

This course runs 7-9pm on Tuesdays, at St Edmund’s Church, Millwall.  If you are interested, please, drop an email to the office.

Led by Chris Murray, Julia Voigt & Asha Anthony

Exploring the Faith

Download Exploring the Faith booklet for more information

The course is designed, primarily, for those who are thinking about becoming members of the Catholic Church. You do not have to have made up your mind as yet; it may just be that you are curious and think you might want to become a Catholic.

So the course is equally useful if, for example, you are married to a Catholic and want to know more about what your partner believes. Or it may be that you are a member of another Christian Church and have no intention of becoming a Catholic, but, because you are ecumenically minded, want to understand what those strange ‘Romans’ believe.

Finally, it may be that you have been a Catholic for years but feel your faith has become a bit stale and needs to be updated – it can happen to us all. Many of us do most of our learning about the Faith during our school years and twenty years later find that that learning has left gaps that now need to be filled. Or it may be that, for some reason, you missed out on being confirmed and now want to put that right.

However, the course does depend, to some extent, on a rapport building between the participants – so that, for example, they do not feel too shy to ask about things that are not clear. It follows that this is not a generalised course of lectures in which individuals just come to the odd session because it interests them. There must be a degree of commitment to the course as a whole.

Having said that, we are trying an experiment this year. There are two sections of the course – the ‘Introduction to the Old Testament’ and ‘Teach Us to Pray’ – which we are throwing open as separate modules to any parishioner who wants to come to one or both of them without committing to the whole course.

Those who do complete the whole course, and who wish to do so, will be received into full communion with Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil Mass, receiving, as appropriate, the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.

The course is in four sections: the first three are designed progressively to bring people to their Reception; the fourth section, after Easter, is designed to smooth their introduction to life as a member of this Catholic parish.

We hope many of you will take the plunge and join the course; we hope you will find it a joyous experience.

Fr Christopher

Download Exploring the Faith booklet for more information

Upcoming course dates

In 2020 – we are planning to run the course on line. 


Exploring the Faith (Rite of Christian Initiation) Course (Catechist leads: Julia, Chris, Asha)

Session1 Tuesday 25th September 2018

Session2 Tuesday 2th October 2018

Session3 Tuesday 9th October 2018

Session4 Tuesday 16th October 2018

Session5 Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Session6 Tuesday 30th October 2018

Session7 Tuesday 6th November 2018

Session8 Tuesday 13th November 2018

Session9 Tuesday 20th November 2018

Sunday 25th November 2018 (Rite of Acceptance)

Session10 Tuesday 27th November 2018

Session11 Tuesday 4th December 2018

Session12 Tuesday 11th December 2018

Session13 Tuesday 15th January 2019

Session14 Tuesday 22th January 2019

Session15 Tuesday 29th January 2019

Session16 Tuesday 5th February 2019

Session17 Tuesday 12th February 2019

Session18 Tuesday 19th February 2019

Session19 Tuesday 26th February 2019

Session20 Tuesday 5th March 2019

Sunday 11th March 2019 (Rite of Signing and Rite of Election)

Session21 Tuesday 12th March 2019

Session22 Tuesday 19th March 2019

Sunday 24th March 2019 (First Scrutiny)

Session23 Tuesday 26th March 2019

Sunday 31st March 2019 (Second Scrutiny)

Session24 Tuesday 2019 2nd April

Sunday 7th April 2019 (Third Scrutiny)

Session25 Tuesday 9th April 2019

Thursday 18th April 2019 (Holy Thursday – Evening Mass of the Lord’s supper 8pm)

Friday 19th April 2019 (Good Friday – 3pm)

Saturday 20th April 2019 (Easter Vigil)

Session26 Tuesday 7th May 2019

Session27 Tuesday 14th May 2019

Session28 Tuesday 21st May 2019

Session29 Tuesday 4th June 2019 (Final Party)