Sacraments are outward signs of an inward and invisible grace. And they give the power they signify. It’s important that the sacrament of Confirmation is reflecting a person’s loving relationship with Jesus.

As an analogy, in a relationship between a man and woman, a certain type of outward physical intimacy is best lived out in the context of inward commitments (eg marriage). In a similar way, receiving a sacrament is most fruitfully lived out in the context of a committed inward relationship with Jesus.

At Our Lady of the Holy Souls, we want to prioritise your loving relationship with Jesus. The reception of sacraments will be discerned and prepared for in the context of a relationship with Jesus. The context for a relationship with Jesus – and the possibility of receiving the sacrament of Confirmation – is the Youth Group.

Attendance at the youth group does not guarantee receiving the sacrament of Confirmation. Readiness does. Readiness will be discerned with catechists and the young person based on several questions, such as:

What difference has Jesus made in your life? When did you encounter Jesus?

Have you ever prayed to be filled with the Holy Spirit? How did that go?

How often do you come to Mass? How often do you go to Confession?

How are you helping serve and building up the church/family/society?

If you are aged between 11 and 18 years old, and interested in exploring a relationship with Jesus, please, see the youth group page for more information.

Youth Group