Divine Renovation: Maintenance to Mission

In Jesus’ Great Commission (Matthew 28:19) Jesus calls the church to “make disciples”.

However, the Church across the western world is losing disciples. It is in rapid decline. Society is becoming less Christian. Churches are closing. Declining number of priests are given more and more churches to lead. We feel the pain of loved ones not practicing faith. We want them to know the love of God, and have the fullness of life in Jesus Christ (John 10:10). How do we as a Church move forward?

In his book: ‘Divine Renovation’, Fr James Mallon, outlines what renewal looks like in a Catholic parish. It centres on three keys: evangelisation, leadership, and the Holy Spirit. Please, read the book. How might you play your part in moving the church ‘from maintenance to mission’?

You might also want to look at the following videos, which explain some of the principles in the book: