Alpha is a series where all people (even argumentative atheists) can discuss the big questions of life, Christian faith, and meaning in a relaxed and informal way. It involves food and drink, a short film, and open discussion where people can say anything they want (yes, anything!).

In a historic moment, the parish completed it’s first public season of Alpha on Thursday 30th November!

Our previous guests on alpha describe their experiences as follows:

“The whole experience gave me a deeper prayer life and awareness of Jesus’ presence in my life.”

“I really looked forward to each session. It was a privilege to be part of the group.”

“I feel so much closer to Jesus.”

“I am reminded of the presence of the Holy Spirit standing by my side.”

“I got filled with the Holy Spirit… It was a truly special moment.”

“I encountered Jesus during each session through the videos and sharing of life experiences…”

“Jesus entered into my everyday life. Guiding me when there are doubts. Giving me strength. Making decisions.”

“…it was the closest experience I have had in my 51 years of being close to the Holy Spirit and God.”

“I had an amazing experience … I truly felt the Holy Spirit…”

“…it was an all-round great experience and met some great people and got some questions answered.”

[Above] Pilot alpha group

[Above] 1st Public season of alpha group (minus a few guests ….)

The next season of Alpha will be on every Thursday evening, 7:00-8:45 pm, from 18th April 2024, ending 27th June 2024 at Our Lady of the Holy Souls R.C. Church hall (to the left of the church entrance, under ‘Little Rosie’s Nursery’), 68 Hazlewood Crescent, North Kensington, London, W10 5DJ. Registration form is available at the back of the church or you can email

See the video for a taster:

Alpha in a Catholic context: