Congratulations on your engagement!

At Our Lady of the Holy Souls, we are happy to celebrate your marriage with you. We are going to journey with you to prepare for the big day.

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, generally known as marriage, is the sacred union between one man and one woman. Through this sacrament, the couple enters into a sacred covenant with one another in the presence of God and the Church. The Sacrament of Matrimony is the foundation of the family, the “Domestic Church,” which is why the Catholic community so deeply encourages marriage and family life. It is through this vocation that God desires each spouse to grow in love for Him, one another, and work with Him as co-creators to bring new life into the world.

If you are planning to get married at Our Lady of the Holy Souls, or elsewhere and you live in the parish, please make an appointment to see the Parish Priest, Fr Damian (

Please, bear in mind, you are required to give at least six months notice so that marriage preparation and paperwork can be completed in time.