Youth Group

Our Lady of the Holy Souls is starting a Youth Group! We will use the popoular video series Alpha Youth.

What is alpha? Alpha is a series where people can discuss the big questions of life, faith, and meaning, in a really chilled way – you can say anything you want (seriously… ANYTHING). There will be food, games, really good videos, and open discussion.

Who is alpha for: Alpha was made in mind for those who are “not religious”, but everyone can benefit from alpha. All young people aged 11-18 are welcome.

Where: Our Lady of the Holy Souls Church Hall

When (time): 7 pm-9 pm.

When (dates):

  1. Friday Sept 22nd 2023
  2. Friday Oct 20th 2023
  3. Friday Nov 24th 2023
  4. Friday Jan 19th 2024
  5. Friday Feb 23rd 2024
  6. Friday Mar 22nd 2024
  7. Saturday April 20th 2024 10am-4:30pm
  8. Friday May 17th 2024
  9. Friday June 21st 2024
  10. Friday July 19th 2024

How (to register): email

Why: ….