Planned Giving

collection plateHoly Apostles is a generous parish. That’s good, because it enables us to undertake a lot of commitments both in the local parish community and in our sister parish in Kenya.

You can help support us with a regular offertory donation.  You may choose just to put money in the collection plate at weekly Mass. If you are a taxpayer, we benefit more if you can gift aid it. We can then claim an additional 20p from the taxman for every pound you give us.

You can gift aid your contribution in three ways. First, having decided on what you want to commit, you can insert your regular weekly donation into a special gift aid envelope (a box of them can be obtained from the parish office) and put it in the collection.

Secondly, best of all, if you have a bank account, you can make out a standing order“Best of all” because a standing order cuts down the paperwork we have to do, including opening, counting and collating the amount in each envelope, and also allows us to plan more efficiently to meet the needs of the parish as we know what funds are coming in. People sometimes hesitate to take this course because they like to contribute to the collection when it comes round, but you can always still do that by just putting in an additional coin or two.

Thirdly, you can donate and gift aid online using our secure donations system here.