confirmation-grp-201111-300x173We run a 6 week programme once a year from mid-October till the end of November.  This applies to teenagers who are in Year 10 in school or older. They meet every weekend.  One weekend is residential at SPEC from Friday to Sunday. Another sleep over will be done in aid of the Cardinal Hume Centre,  is from Saturday morning till lunchtime Sunday and the other 4 are all day on a Saturday.  We explore what it means to take your place as an adult Christian in the Catholic Church and in the World.  This involves how we relate to others, how we pray, how we love and how we care.


confirmation2005-300x225Very often baptised Adult Catholics have never been confirmed.  Sometimes too Adults baptised in other denominations wish to convert and be received into full communion with the Catholic Church.  In both cases the RCIA Course is meant for such persons.  Adults seeking Confirmation are invited to join the RCIA programme which is a series of meetings every Monday night at 8.00pm for one hour.  They run from the end of the September to Easter and the different aspects of our Faith and Catholic Life are explored