mariantyree6-300x252At Holy Apostles we help over 100 couples a year to prepare for their Marriage through the 2 Pre-Marriage Courses that we run around Oct/Nov and then again around April/May.  Most of the couples are marrying abroad or in other parts of the UK. The course involves 3 two hour sessions at which we look at Session 1. The documents needed, how to put a marriage service together and how the Church sees Marriage.

Session 2. The Relationship, Sexuality and Communication.

Session 3.  Fertility, Children and Family Planning.  Two married couples in the parish, and a fertility practitioner help Father Pat to run this course.

Details and application form for the next Pre-Marriage course can be obtained at

Getting married in Holy Apostles?

23__320x240_victorandvalerieWe welcome enquiries concerning marriage which should be made to Fr. Pat in the first instance.   At least one of the couple should be a baptised Catholic. Usually, at least one of the parties will live in the parish of Holy Apostles or come to Mass here.

Both parties must be free to marry in the eyes of the Church and we can examine this, if necessary. (The fact that one party is not a Catholic or has been married before will not necessarily prevent the marriage taking place, but we would need to look at the circumstances.)

You will be invited to take part in one of the courses mentioned above. We can discuss whether that takes place here or elsewhere.

There is a certain amount of paperwork required before the marriage takes place. This includes :

  • Recent baptism certificates (certified by the parish of your baptism within six months of the proposed date of the wedding);
  • Documentation confirming your freedom to marry;
  • Permission from your home parish priest if you do not live in this parish;
  • Certain other documentation if one you either are not a Catholic or have been married before.

At the initial meeting with Fr. Pat you can establish the documentation relevant to your circumstances, a mutually convenient date for the ceremony and the