Welcome to the Roman Catholic Church of Most Sacred Heart, Ruislip.

Our postal address is 73 Pembroke Road, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 8NN. You will find Ruislip Manor near the traffic lights – by Ruislip Manor station and a 1/3 mile from Ruislip station.

You can contact us on 01895 632739.

The parish office is open 10.30am – 12noon (Mon, Tues, Thurs & Friday)

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7th Sunday of Easter & Pentecost

Fr. Duncan writes: : Dear Parishionersthis newsletter will cover the next two weeks. Today is the Seventh Sunday of Easter and we gather to pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit, which Jesus promised during the Passover Meal, the Last Supper which he celebrated with his disciples on the night before he died. Now he has ascended to his Father, following our Lord’s instructions, we gather with the apostles in prayer, waiting, ‘to be clothed with power from on high’

Next Sunday we celebrate Pentecost, the last day of the Easter Festival. This is the day; the Church’s work of bringing the Gospel to all peoples began. We come together, like the Lord’s disciples at the first Pentecost, in response to called to announce God’s almighty works of creation and salvation by our behaviour in our daily lives, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Pentecost is a missionary feast. This is the day that the Church received its call to mission. Today it is the Spirit that gives energy to the Church in proclaiming the Risen Christ. God’s Spirit is among us, inspiring us and uniting us, that we too may be apostles of God’s love. As we celebrate this great feast, let us hear and respond to its call to mission, to proclaim the truth and joy of the Gospel. Therefore, let us pray, on this Pentecost Sunday, for a re-awakening of the fire of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and in our lives. We ask the Spirit to empower and energise us as we look at the needs of our parish community and then initiate ways of addressing those needs.

An invitation from the Bishops Conference
A beautiful hallmark of the Catholic faith is the profound desire to participate in the Holy Mass and share in the Eucharist. We do so with deep gratitude and joy. The Eucharist gives the Church her identity – “The Eucharist makes the Church, and the Church makes the Eucharist.” It enables us to worship Almighty God, to support each other on our journey of faith, and to be a visible sign of faith in the world. This hallmark is supported and strengthened by the precept that our fundamental Christian duty is to worship God by participating in the celebration of Mass. Attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days is the greatest of all privileges, sometimes referred to as “the Sunday Obligation.”
The statement ends: 
In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Lord’s Supper, the Lord Jesus entrusted to us the precious gift of Himself. With humility, we glory in being a Eucharistic people for whom attendance at Mass is essential. Looking forward to the forthcoming feast of Pentecost, we now invite all Catholics who have not yet done so to return to attending Mass in person.
A full copy of this invitation is on the notice board in the porch and also on our parish website. 
The Bishops have also issued statement on Migration issues in the UK. This is also on the notice board and on the parish website. I commend this to you.

Covid19 Procedures in Church
Please continue to wear face coverings when you come to public acts of worship – covering your mouth and nose and as you enter the church and please sanitise your hands as you enter the church. This is recommended by both the Bishops and the Government in enclosed places. We also need to ensure that we are vaccinated and have had our booster jab. As we have seen, these measures are helping to stop the spread of the virus.

SVP Food Bank at St Gregory’s.
For many weeks now we have been supporting the St Gregory’s SVP food bank with donations and offers of help as they reach out to people in great need. Each week a mountain of goods goes down to South Ruislip. They are delighted to receive them. With the number of people coming for help, the need is increasing.  They can use most things, tinned foods, dried foods, rice, pasta and drinks including tea, coffee, hot chocolate, fruit juice, squash, long life milk. They can also use cleaning materials, washing up liquid, etc. When you are shopping this week, could you pick up something from this list to donate. There is a box in the foyer to receive donations. Many thanks for your continued support

Should you require a reference from either Fr Duncan or Fr. Sebastian it is important that you speak to them personally. There are over 2500 people who regularly come to Mass in our parish. Whilst they know most of the people in our parish, sometimes it is difficult to match names and faces!

Mass Intentions for the 2 weeks 28th May – 12th June 2022

Saturday 28th May
10.00      Geoffrey Moyse, R.I.P.(Ann.)
18.00      Mary Leddy, R.I.P.

Sunday 29th May
7th Sunday of Easter
World Communication Day
09.00      Peregrino & Arcangela Ribeiro, R.I.P
10.30      Geraldo Antão, R.I.P.
10.30      For You the People           (Children’s Mass in the Hall)
12.00      Marcus Bartley Jnr, R.I.P. (Ann.)
18.00      Catherine Shaw Intentions

Monday 30th May
10.00      Ligia & Louis Silver Intentions
Kevin Clarke, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Tuesday 31st May
Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
10.00      Moira Hannam, R.I.P.
Tom Saba Intentions

Wednesday 1st June
St. Justin, Martyr 
10.00      Angeline Rossi, R.I.P. (Ann.)
Arthur & Florence Brawn, R.I.P.

Thursday 2nd June
Ss Marcellinus & Peter
10.00      Thanksgiving for Patrick Egan & Family
Clive Thomas Intentions                     

Friday 3rd June
St. Charles Lwanga & Companions
10.00      Margaret Clyne, R.I.P. (Ann.)
Tommy O’Brien, R.I.P. 

Saturday 4th June
10.00      Kitty, Esther & Josie Ryan, R.I.P. (Ann.)
18.00      Elizabeth & Patrick Healy, R.I.P. (Ann.)   (folk)

Sunday 5th June
Pentecost Sunday
09.00      Maureen Rosser, R.I.P, (Ann.)
10.30      John Edward White, R.I.P. (Ann)      (children’s choir)
10.30      Mary Mooney, R.I.P.           (Children’s Mass in the Hall)
12.00      Roy Lewis, R.I.P. (Ann.)
16.00      For You the People           (Malayalam Mass)
18.00      Bridget Conway, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Monday 6th June
Mary, Mother of the Church
10.00      Reg Hall, R.I.P. (Ann.)
Catherine Hynes, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Tuesday 7th June
10.00      Lewis Bull, R.I.P.
John Marsh, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Wednesday 8th June
10.00      Deceased members of the O’Donnell Family, R.I.P.
Fr. Francis & Fr. Tony, R.I.P.

Thursday 9th June 
Jesus Christ, The Eternal High Priest 
10.00      Violeta, Lilliana, Bianca & Bruno Faucz Intentions 
Theresa Morgan, R.I.P.                     

Friday 10th June
10.00      Maureen Burchell, R.I.P.
20.00      Ken Linfield, R.I.P.

Saturday 11th June
St. Barnabas
10.00      Fr. Francis Rossiter, R.I.P.
18.00      Sr. Pam Embleton, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Sunday 12th June
The Most Holy Trinity
09.00      Mingel Gabrel Quadros & Tertuliana Mendese Quadros, R.I.P
10.30      Nicholas Doody, R.I.P. (Ann)      (children’s choir)
10.30      For You the People           (Children’s Mass in the Hall)
12.00      Intentions of the West Middlesex Catenians
18.00      Marie Doyle Intentions