Welcome to the Roman Catholic Church of Most Sacred Heart, Ruislip.

Our postal address is 73 Pembroke Road, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 8NN. You will find Ruislip Manor near the traffic lights – by Ruislip Manor station and a 1/3 mile from Ruislip station.

You can contact us on 01895 632739.

Parish Office is closed to visitors until further notice. Please contact Anne by email

The Church is closed until further notice.

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The Seventh Sunday of Easter

Fr. Duncan writes: On this seventh Sunday of Easter, we await the coming of the Holy Spirit which Jesus promised at the Passover Meal, his Last Supper, that he celebrated with his disciples on the night before he died. Now he has ascended to his Father, we gather with the apostles in prayer, waiting.
Waiting is something that we are all getting used to at this present time. When we go shopping, we wait in the queue to enter the supermarket, the bank and shops. We are also waiting to see when we can open the churches again and resume Masses and other celebrations. The various religious leaders are meeting with the government to organise how this can be done safely. We hope that we can open the church for private prayer, but we wait. During this time, preparations are being made to make people welcome and keep them safe in church. As we receive more information, I will let you know. In the meantime, we continue doing our best to prevent the spread of the virus. And so now: we – Stay at Alert, if we have to go out – keep our distance from other people and when we return home, wash our hands. If we keep to these instructions, we will beat this pandemic.
Whilst we are still in lockdown and prevented from gathering as a community in our church, we continue with various devotions and activities online. Please see the newsletter and parish website for full details. During this time Fr Sebastian and I remember all in our parish as we celebrate Mass.

Thy Novena to the Holy Spirit
Between the Ascension and Pentecost, the apostles gathered together in the upper room waiting for the coming of the Holy Spirit. These nine days of prayer is the original Novena. We will pray this Novena of Prayer each day beginning on Friday 22nd May and ending on Saturday 30th May, the Vigil of Pentecost. Each day you are invited to join us at 11.30am to say the Novena Prayers.  We will then end with the Angelus. To join us; Telephone 03330 110945 then when prompted, enter the following:
Room Number 29316542# Guest PIN: 5714#. (Calls charged at local rate).

Vigil of Pentecost
The Cardinal has recorded a Pastoral Message for the Feast of Pentecost. The video is available online at and on the diocesan website. In his message, the Cardinal asks that, across the diocese, priests and people participate, from their homes, in a short vigil of prayer next Saturday, the Vigil of Pentecost. You are welcome to join us via Zoom on Saturday 30th May at 5.00pm for a short vigil of prayer,
MEETING ID: 842-7969-5228.

Pentecost 24/7 Virtual Prayer Room
As we prepare to celebrate the great feast of Pentecost, we will come together spiritually to pray ‘continuously’ for 168 hours for the coming of the Holy Spirt. Our ‘virtual’ prayer space has been established so we can all pray in our own homes for an identified hour (or hours) knowing that others in our parish will be continuing the prayer during the rest of the day.
Please follow the link below to sign-up for an hour during the week or alternatively text or call
(07852 978741) with your preferred time slots. 
You can pray in any way you feel comfortable during your hour and there are resources on the website.

Pentecost Scripture and Art Project – Year of the Word—The God Who Speaks
You are invited to take part in the​ Most Sacred Heart Parish Project. Over the next two weeks, as a family or individually, read, meditate, reflect and pray on Acts 2: 1-13 ​ From your meditation, produce a piece of art—this can be anything you feel inspired to create: a painting or drawing, a collage, photography, cooking, photographed freeze-frames or poetry. Once complete, please take a picture of your work and email to: or alternatively, if you are able, pop it through the parish door so it can be collated with the rest of the parish work to create a parish collage and shared with everyone.

VIA Lucis – Stations of the Resurrection
Please join us during the Easter Season on Fridays at 7:30pm via Zoom (267-561-510). To join please visit the website: and click ‘Join Meeting’ and enter the code for the meeting when prompted. Depending on your device, you may be prompted to download an App or a programme. Please accept this and allow access to both camera and speakers / microphone / audio. Meeting ID: 267-561-510. The prayers, reflections and Scripture passages can be found in the Stations of the Resurrection Booklet. available on our website to download.

Virtual Children’s Liturgy
it was fantastic to see so many of you at Children’s Liturgy last week – a great way to continue our prayer together. While we remain in lockdown, please join us each Sunday beginning this Sunday 19th April for Virtual Children’s Liturgy Session at 11am via Zoom (meeting Id: 844-0908-4760). To join please visit the website: and click ‘Join Meeting’ and enter the code for the meeting when prompted. Depending on your device, you may be prompted to download an App or a programme. Please accept this and allow access to both camera and speakers / microphone / audio.​

Most Sacred Heart Daily Rosary
It has been a really wonderful experience this week to continue to pray with a group of parishioners while maintaining social distancing. All are welcome to join daily at 9:30am (incl Sunday). Telephone No: 0333 0110 945. When prompted, enter the following: Room number: 29316542 # Guest PIN: 5714 #

Lectio Divina
Even though most of us are unable to receive Jesus physically, through his Body and Blood, at this time. We can receive his Word, personally speaking to us in the Scriptures (the Word of God). Perhaps you might consider joining us for Lectio Divina: praying, reflecting and sharing our meditations on Scripture each Tuesday at 11am via Zoom (Meeting ID: 881 880 170)  To join please visit the website: and click ‘Join Meeting’ and enter the code for the meeting when prompted. Depending on your device, you may be prompted to download an App or a programme. Please accept this and allow access to both camera and speakers / microphone / audio.

Lately Dead
Please pray for the following people who have died recently: Pat Callaghan, Rita Grimer and Josie Ryan. As we commend them to the love and mercy of God Our Father, we also pray for their family and friends.
May they rest in peace.

Gift Aid
Could we please ask that you inform Anne in the Parish Office if your tax status has changed since you completed a Gift Aid declaration as we are only allowed to claim Gift Aid for current tax payers. Also, if you are now in a position to gift aid your donations or would like to change your planned giving donations to standing order during this lockdown, please email Anne. Many thanks.

Mass Intentions for : 23rd  – 31st May 2020

Saturday 23rd May
Lesley Watkins, R.I.P.
Jim O’Brien, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Sunday 24th May
Seventh Sunday of Easter
For You the People
Kevin Hynes, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Monday 25th May
St. Bede
Alison Tilley, R.I.P. (Ann.)
Michael Hannon, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Tuesday 26th May
St. Philip Neri
Stephen Sullivan, R.I.P.
Katie Burke, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Wednesday 27th May
St. Augustine of Canterbury
Seamus McMahon, R.I.P.
Roy Lewis, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Thursday 28th May
Sheila Miles, R.I.P.
Geoffrey Moyse, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Friday 29th May
St. Paul VI
Charles Banks, R.I.P.
Maureen Kilbane, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Saturday 30th May
Jim Giulietta Calabrese, R.I.P.
Michael Power, R.I.P.

Sunday 31st May
Pentecost Sunday
For You the People
Susan Condon, R.I.P. (Ann.)