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Our postal address is 73 Pembroke Road, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 8NN. You will find Ruislip Manor near the traffic lights – by Ruislip Manor station and a 1/3 mile from Ruislip station.

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Easter Sunday   

Fr. Duncan writes: Today is Easter Sunday when we celebrate the joy of the Resurrection. Having endured the sufferings of the passion for love of humanity, Jesus rises to a new life and raises us up to a new life with him. This has been a great week here in our parish, with so many people making the effort to attend the Holy Week Services. It began last Sunday, Palm Sunday, with great numbers of people at all our Masses and continued throughout the week. It was very heartening to see a good number of people at the Penitential Service on Tuesday evening. There have been good attendances at all the Easter Triduum services. It is through our efforts, that we receive so many blessings for ourselves, for our families and for our parish.
I would like to thank all those who have worked so hard and in so many different ways with our Holy Week and Easter Services, and with the preparations in the church: Daniela and Adrian with the Adult Choir and the  Children’s Choir; Sarah and the folk group; Clement and the altar servers; the flower arrangers, the church cleaners, the collectors, the welcomers, the readers, the special ministers, and many, many others who helped to make our Holy Week and Easter so special and so prayerful in our parish. Thank you all for your generous help and support.
May the Risen Christ bring you and your families many blessings during this Easter Season and throughout the coming year.

May the blessings of the Risen Christ be with you all this Easter.
Fr. Duncan, Fr Sebastian and William

Cardinal’s Mass of Thanksgiving for the Sacrament of Matrimony
Westminster Cathedral, Saturday 8th June 2019 at 3pm
The Archbishop will be inviting to this Mass all couples in the Diocese who are celebrating their
5th, 10th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th (and every year over 60) wedding anniversary of Catholic marriage in 2019.  If you are celebrating an anniversary and would like an invitation, please give Fr. Duncan the following details: husband and wife’s names, wedding date, full postal address and email (or telephone number, if no email) by the extended date of 29th April or email the parish office with all your details on .

Mass Intentions for the 2 Weeks: 20th April – 5th May 2019

Saturday 20th April
Holy Saturday
12.00      Blessing of food for Polish families
20.30      Easter Vigil – For you the People

Sunday 21st April
Easter Sunday
08.30      Zacarina & Ozzie Decruz, R.I.P.(Ann.)
10.00      Charles, Edmund & Violet Killington, R.I.P.                        (folk)
     Christine Headd, R.I.P.
No evening Mass

Monday 22nd April
10.00      Marie Cain, R.I.P. (Ann.)
McDermott family Intentions

Tuesday 23rd April
10.00 Gill & Audrey Marchant, R.I.P.
O’Leary family Intentions

Wednesday 24th   April
10.00      Celia Morris, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Thursday 25th April
08.00      Maria Kuriakose, R.I.P.
10.00      Tommy Ryan, R.I.P.

Friday 26th April
10.00      Butler family Intentions
20.00      Fr. F R Intentions

Saturday 27th April
10.00      Dyson Family Intentions
18.00      Lynn Pickering, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Sunday 28th April
Second Sunday of Easter
08.30      Amy & Thomas Corbett, R.I.P.
10.00      For you the People                                              (children’s choir)
11.30      Patrick & Marion Redmond, R.I.P.
18.00      Joe Carthy, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Monday 29th April
St. Catherine of Siena
10.00       Vaz family Intentions
Cochrane family Intentions

Tuesday 30th April
St. George
10.00 Funeral: James Joseph Conlon, R.I.P.

Wednesday 1st   May
St. Joseph, the worker
10.00      John & Julie Cahillane, R.I.P. (Ann.)
Paul Newit Intentions

Thursday 2nd May
St. Athanasius
08.00      Ophilda D’Souza & Lyra Silva-Pinto, R.I.P.
10.00      Roger Fretwell, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Friday 3rd May
Ss. Philip & James
10.00      Matthew & Catherine Loughman Intentions
19.00     Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
20.00      Barry Stears, R.I.P.

Saturday 4th May
The English Martyrs
10.00      Bridget Lane, R.I.P.
18.00      Michael O’Connor, R.I.P.

Sunday 5th May
Third Sunday of Easter
08.30      For you the People
10.00      Tom Kelly, R.I.P.                                              (folk)
11.30      Brendan Warnock, R.I.P.
16.00      Thanksgiving                          (Malayalam Mass)
18.00      Leonard & Mary Kate Cooper, R.I.P.