Welcome to the Roman Catholic Church of Most Sacred Heart, Ruislip.

Our postal address is 73 Pembroke Road, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 8NN. You will find Ruislip Manor near the traffic lights – by Ruislip Manor station and a 1/3 mile from Ruislip station.

You can contact us on 01895 632739.

Parish Office is closed to visitors until further notice. Please contact Anne by email

Parish address is

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1st Sunday of Advent

Fr. Duncan writes:Today we celebrate the First Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the Church’s year. This year we will be reading from the gospel of Mark. The season of Advent is a short season of preparation for Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The chief characteristic of Advent is one of joyful expectation. When you look around you are given the impression that Christmas has already begun. It has not. Advent is the time we use to prepare for Christmas, not only in a practical way, but also in a spiritual way. It is on Christmas night when we welcome the new born king – then Christmas begins.

Lockdown ends
From Wednesday 2nd December, we will be able to gather in our church for Mass. Masses will be celebrated at the normal advertised times and, if you cannot get to church, can be accessed through  On weekdays the church will be open at about 9.15am. The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed and our Rosary Group will lead the Rosary. Please book for the Mass of your choice using the Eventbrite link below. This is especially important at the weekends to ensure we can welcome you for Mass. Details of the Christmas Masses will be available next weekend.

Registering for Mass
Please follow this link to register for the Mass of your choice.  If all the places are taken, you will need to select another Mass or check again later to see if more places are available. If your arrangements change and you cannot come to the Mass you have selected, please cancel your booking – someone else may be looking for a place. If you are unable to register online, please call Fr Sebastian on 01895 632739 between 11am – 6pm for help.

Stewarding at Mass and Cleaning the church
We are grateful to all our volunteers who help with stewarding and cleaning in our parish. I heard again the other day that because of this hard work churches are considered low to medium risk. The Cardinal has asked us to pass on his thanks for all this hard work and help. We will need extra stewards over the Christmas Season. We are hoping to celebrate extra Masses for Christmas. This will only be possible if we have sufficient stewards. Please speak to either Fr Duncan or Fr Sebastian and let us know your availability. You can also email us on .
If we are not able to steward each Mass, the Mass cannot be celebrated. PLEASE HELP!

Children’s Mass
These Masses are especially for the primary age and younger children and their parents and have been very popular. In order to accommodate the demand, from next weekend there will be an additional Mass on
Saturdays at 4.00pm. Mass will also be celebrated at 10.30am on Sundays. You will need to book these Masses through Eventbrite, please go to

Primary & Nursery School Admissions – September 2021
As we are now in lockdown, I am unable to arrange sessions to sign the Certificates of Catholic Practice. When the lockdown ends, dates will be published for signing the forms. Please keep an eye on the website and newsletter for more information.

Mass Intentions : 28th November – 6th December 2020

Saturday 28th November
10.00      Eileen Conway, R.I.P.
18.00      Private Intentions

Sunday 29th November
1st Sunday of Advent
09.00      Eileen Chapman, R.I.P. (Ann.)
10.30      Myles & Vera Shanahan, R.I.P. (Ann.)                    (Church)
10.30      Deceased Members of the Fox Family  (Children’s Mass by Zoom)
12.00      Pat Walsh, R.I.P .(Ann.)
18.00      For you the people

Monday 30th November
St. Andrew
10.00      Laura O’Leary, R.I.P. (Ann.)
John McMahon, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Tuesday 1st December
10.00      James O’Brien, R.I.P.
Barbara Fitzgerald, R.I.P.

Wednesday 2nd December
10.00 Brendan McDavid Intentions
Josie Ryan, R.I.P.

Thursday 3rd December
St. Francis Xavier
08.00 Isabel McNeillis, R.I.P.
10.00 Caroline Dove, R.I.P.

Friday 4th December
St. John Damascene
10.00      Joe Walsh, R.I.P. (Ann.)
20.00      Berry Dunleavy, R.I.P.

Saturday 5th December
10.00      Joe O’Neill, R.I.P.
16.00      Patrick Vaughan, R.I.P.             (Children’s Mass in Church)
18.00      Maureen Hennessy, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Sunday 6th December
2nd Sunday of Advent 
09.00      Norah Bond, R.I.P.
10.30      Mary McAuliffe, R.I.P.                  (Church)
10.30      For You the People                      (Children’s Mass in Hall)
12.00      John O’Connor, R.I.P .(Ann.)
14.30      Special Intentions                         (Confirmation Mass)
18.00      Margaret & Alfred John Green, R.I.P. (Ann.)