Welcome to the Roman Catholic Church of Most Sacred Heart, Ruislip.

Our postal address is 73 Pembroke Road, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 8NN. You will find Ruislip Manor near the traffic lights – by Ruislip Manor station and a 1/3 mile from Ruislip station.

You can contact us on 01895 632739

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Fr. Duncan writes: Next weekend at 10am we have the second of our First Holy Communion preparation Masses. The children are coming together to ask your continued help and support as they get ready to receive God’s Greatest Gift, his Son in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Also at this Mass I will enrol some Altar Servers into the Guild of St Stephen. These boys and girls have shown by their keenness and loyalty that they are becoming good Altar Servers. We thank them and all our Altar Servers for their dedication and commitment to this very special ministry.

Bereavement Mass
As part of the season of prayer and action ‘Called to Serve the Sick’, Bishop Paul McAleenan will celebrate a Mass for bereaved parents at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday, 11th March at 2.30pm. During Mass, after the homily, parents will be invited to write the name of their deceased child on a card and the cards will be taken along with the offertory to the sanctuary. It’s a time to remember, to pray, to give thanks, and to entrust deceased children to the Lord. All are welcome to attend.

Mass Intentions for the Week: 18th – 26th February 2017

Saturday 18th February
10.00      Sr. Amadeus Bulger, R.I.P.
18.00      The Keogh Family, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Sunday 19th  February
7th Sunday in Ordinary Time
08.30      Matthew Loughman Intentions.
10.00      Colleen Pereyra, R.I.P. (Ann.)                                 (folk)
11.30      Les Lyons, R.I.P.(Ann.)
18.00      For you the People

Monday 20th February
10.00      John Lee, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Tuesday 21st February
10.00      Geoffrey Moyse, R.I.P.

Wednesday 22nd February
Chair of St. Peter the Apostle
10.00      Victor Emmanuel, R.I.P.

Thursday 23rd February
08.00 Caroline O’Driscoll Get Well Intentions.
10.00      Muriel & Herbert Higgs, R.I.P.(Ann.)

Friday 24th February
10.00      Paddy Byrne, R.I.P.
20.00      Jack Gallagher, R.I.P.                                   

Saturday 25th February
10.00      P. V. Kuriakose, R.I.P. (Ann.)
18.00      Paul Busbridge, R.I.P. (Ann.)

Sunday 26th February
8th Sunday in Ordinary Time
08.30      Chrissie Burke, R.I.P.
10.00      Peggy Caden, R.I.P. (Ann.)                                 (children’s choir)
11.30      Albert Shaw, R.I.P. & Marjorie Shaw Intentions.
18.00      For you the People