The Sacred Heart Jubilee Trust

The Jubilee Trust

The Jubilee Trust is a registered charity instigated in 1981 and set up in 1982 to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the Parish. The Jubilee Trust is our Parish Charity which aims to raise money within the parish of the Most Sacred Heart and use it to help alleviate poverty, or support those living with infirmity through age or sickness The Jubilee Trust is administered by trustees who are dedicated to charitable goals.  To be a valid charitable trust, the Sacred Heart Jubilee Trust must demonstrate both a charitable purpose and a public benefit.


The aims of the Jubilee Trust are:

  • to spread Christian Religion.
  • to alleviate poverty
  • to relieve the sick and the elderly

If you know of a charity or organisation that you think meet the criteria of helping alleviate poverty or assist those you are sick or infirm and may benefit from Jubilee Trust funds please speak to one of the Trustees or email us at: 

How do we raise our funds?

While our primary fundraising is through the Lottery and the First Friday Lunches, several social events are held during the year such as Bingo evenings, Quiz Nights, Tea Dances, Informative Talks, Supper Evenings and Dance Nights.  The money raised is recycled to a variety of good causes that have either approached Father Duncan for assistance or have come to the attention of the Trustees.

If you would like to make a donation to the Jubilee Trust cheques should be made payable to “The Most Sacred Heart Jubilee Trust”. Internet payments or bank transfers can also be made to our account at Barclays Bank: please use Sort Code 207353, Account Number 80793353.

If you require further information on the Jubilee Trust please contact:   or speak to one of the Trustees.

Jubilee Trust Future Events

Ceilidh Night on 16th March with Live Music

Jubilee Social Club

First Friday Lunches

First Friday Lunches are fund raising lunches for the Jubilee Trust that are held in the Coffee Lounge, Hesdin Hall on the First Friday of each month between October to June.

These lunches were the brain child of Carmel Short one of the Jubilee Trusts first Trustees to provide an opportunity to share a meal in the company of friends and fellow parishioners and raise money for the Jubilee Trust.

From simple beginnings of a soup and roll the meal nowadays is a very affordable full three course lunch provided by ladies from the parish under Mary O’Neill’s guidance and leadership.

The lunches are very friendly and open to everyone.  There is usually a raffle, sometimes a sing song and of course offers to help with the washing up are seldom refused.

The dates of the next lunch will be: Friday 1st February 2019

Report to Parish Council 8th January 2019

Firstly The Jubilee Trustees would like to offer their apologies as no one is able to attend Parish Council Meetings and trust that this written report updating you of our activities will serve instead.

In many ways 2018 was a difficult year for the Jubilee Trust.  Two of our fundraising events, a Parish BBQ in July and a Disco Night in October had to be cancelled as there was such a poor response for ticket sales.  And while our Valentine Dance was well attended the profit was not as much as the Trustee’s hoped for. We could have accommodating more for the event and there was also a poor take up on raffle ticket as well as some under-pricing on bar sales, however our main unnecessary expense was an excess of food purchased for the Supper.  This was primarily down to our loss of expertise in Catering matters. The Trustees identified these matters during our post event review and will hopefully address these on future occasions.

That said Parishioners responded really well to our Lottery appeal and we exceeded our target of 200 participants before the first draw.  We will be offering additional prizes throughout the year as a result.

The First Friday Lunches continue to provide a regular income for the Jubilee Trust as well as offering Parishioners an opportunity to have a shared meal.  Eight months of the year between 40 and 50 people sit down for a three course lunch.  The Trustees really appreciate the work that Mary O’Neill and her team of helpers put in to provide these lunches and this regular social get together as well as the money that is raised.

The Jubilee Social Club continues to flourish with monthly meetings throughout the year, which consist of social time, informative talks, outings as well as a nourishing two course lunch.  There is between 25 and 40 people who attend most months.  During this year there has been two trips to West End theatres, a trip to the Cinema and in December 30 people went out to a Ruislip Restaurant for Christmas lunch after holding a Secret Santa in the morning.

During the Past year the Jubilee Trust has continued our ongoing support of the Marian Home in St Lucia.  This year our £1000 donation assisted with external decorations on their conversion of an old school to a facility for children with mental and physical disabilities.

We also have maintained our ongoing support for Friends of the Holy Land.  This year our donation of £1000 was shared between St Martha’s House a day centre for the elderly and The School of Joy for children with Special Needs both based in Bethlehem.

In addition we also supported parishioners who were running in the London Marathon, and in doing so assisted fundraising for “Well- Child” and Sarcomia UK.

To show our support for those affected by the tragedy at Grenfell we donated to Caritas for the funds to be used for the benefit of the families affected by the fire. We also donated to the Firefighters Charity in support of the Firefighters who were also affected by the work they did there.

We helped the Parish Redcaps with their fundraising by offering the cost of one Redcap to travel to Lourdes.

And last but not least following a number of people in the parish being affected by Strokes we gave the profits of our Valentine Dance to The Stroke Association in Hillingdon to support one of their Volunteer Groups that runs a fortnightly support group with various activities for stroke survivors.

We were not able to assist Michael Sobell; Ovacome or Prostrate Cancer in the last year due to the cancellation of events.

We have managed to fill the Trustee Vacancy recently and welcome Emma Marshall as our new Trustees.  Two Trustees have now completed their 5 year term and will step down as soon as replacement Trustees are recruited.

I hope the Parish Council feel that The Jubilee Trust is meeting its aims to:

  • Alleviate Poverty
  • Assist those who are ill or infirm
  • And Help Spread Christianity

In the UK and abroad.

Looking forward, the First Friday Lunches team are willing to continue; The Jubilee Social Club has a full programme of events and outings planned until July and will continue to offer a regular social opportunity for older parishioners and other local people especially those who live alone or are isolated by health or circumstances.

The Trustees are planning a Ceilidh Night on 16th March with Live Music

The Trustees

Father Duncan Adamson

Father Duncan is the Parish Priest of the Most Sacred Heart, Ruislip.
He was appointed to the parish in September 2009.  He previously came to Ruislip from Our Lady of the Rosary, Marylebone where he was Parish Priest for thirteen years.

As well as Parish Priest in Ruislip, Father Duncan is also the Chaplain to the Parish School and a Foundation Governor.

Last year Father Duncan celebrated his Silver Jubilee of Priesthood, having been ordained by Cardinal Basil Hume on the 24th June 1989 in Ruislip.


Charlie Crowley

Charlie is a business analyst who worked on IT projects developing asset management and bank accounting systems. His career spanning over 40 years designing and delivering new system solutions for leading investment banks mainly in the City of London. Charlie has recently retired.

Originally from Co. Cork, Charlie moved to London while in his late teens. He is married to Geraldine with two grown up children and his family has been part of the Sacred Heart Parish for over 25 years. He joined the Jubilee Trust in April 2014 and is responsible for the bookkeeping and financial matters.

Ann-Maria Loughman

Ann-Maria feels very privileged to be a Trustee of The Jubilee Trust especially as it serves a cause that has been close to her heart, helping those who are living with poverty, illness or disability.
Ann-Maria spent most of her working life in and around the Social Security System and has seen first-hand the impact and effect poverty and poor health has on individuals and families.
Through the Jubilee Trust they try to offer a hand to others who are in need, help our neighbours near or far and share our good fortune.  Ann-Maria enjoy’s organising social events, seeing the parish come together and raising some money that benefits others which feels like Christianity in Action.
Ann-Maria has been in the Parish for nearly 30 years and involved with the Jubilee Trust on and off since 2005.  She is on her second term as a Trustee.

Jenny Jean-Jacques

Jenny has been a member of the Sacred Heart Congregation for 13 years and regular attendee at church.
Jenny joined the Jubilee Trust as a helper in early 2014 and became a Trustee in July 2014.
Jenny visited the Marian Homes, the main benefactors  where funds are donated in St Lucia in May 2014 and has been encouraged to further support raising funds for all those organisations who are in desperate need of financial support.

Katherine Campion

Katherine has been a member of the parish since 1995. She got married at the church in 2010 and has two young sons.

Katherine joined the Jubilee Trust in 2016 as she enjoys arranging events.  A former Marketing and Events Manager with experience spanning travel, hospitality and media industries, Katherine is currently a stay-at-home mum and is studying Interior Design part-time.

Harriet Plumb

Harriet has been a member of the Sacred Heart parish for many years, and was actually baptised at Sacred Heart over 40 years ago! Harriet attended Sacred Heart School as well as the church brownies and guides. Harriet is very glad that now as an adult she is able to give something back to the church community by becoming a Trustee on The Jubilee Trust. Harriet joined the trust in 2016 and has really enjoyed helping organise recent events and seeing so many people coming together not only having a great night but also raising money for such worthwhile causes.


O God, the Creator and giver of all things,  bless our Parish.  Strengthen our faith; grant  us the spirit of sacrifice so that, with Your Grace, we may provide for the needs  of our Parish and those of our less fortunate brethren and by so doing  glorify you and sanctify ourselves, Through Christ Our Lord.Parish Diamond Jubilee Prayer