In Times of Bereavement

In Times of Bereavement

Grief is a natural process that can be devastating. Cruse can provide free confidential support to adults and children at this time.

Cruse Bereavement Care

If Death Occurs at Home

Telephone your local GP surgery and follow the instructions you are given for a doctor to come and confirm that death has taken place.

Telephone the Rectory and the parish priest will try to come and be with you and pray for the person who as died.

Contract a Funeral Director (Undertaker)  – Your parish priest can advise you about this.

Arrange to collect the Medical Certificate of Death (usually from the Doctor’s Surgery.

Take the Certificate of Death to the local Registrar’s Office. You will also need the deceased Medical Card and Birth Certificate (if available).

The Registrar will normally issue a green-coloured certificate to give to your funeral director who will look after the necessary arrangements for the funeral. The Registrar will also issue a white notification notification certificate for the Department of Work and Pensions.

The Registrar will enquire how many certified copies of the death certificate you require for dealing with the decreased finances and other affairs. A fee is payable for each copy. You may need more than one copy as you will be asked to provide and original copy to deal with any financial matters. You will receive it back but bear in mind this can take a little time if you are dealing with matters by post.

Local Funeral Directors

Lodge Brothers
3-5 The Parade
01932 785402

Cooperative Directors
39 The Parade
01932 780287

TH Sanders & Sons
Funeral Directors
141 Vicarage Road
01932 786427

If Death Occurs in Hospital

Notify your parish priest of the death.

Contact a Funeral Director to inform them that their services are required.

Collect the Certificate of Death from the hospital. Then take the Certificate of Death to the local Registrar’s Office and follow the procedure as above.

Note for Cremation

Your Funeral Director will usually liaise directly with the local Doctor’s Surgery regarding the additional certification required.

The Funeral Directors will co-ordinate the funeral arrangements with the church and priest.