The 100 Club

Welcome to the 100 Club!

Traditionally there were 100 members but now we have more than 400 but we would still like you to join!

The 100 Club is a monthly draw open to parishioners and friends of St Ignatius of Loyola RC Church. It costs £12 per year to join. This entitles you to one draw number, which will be entered into twelve monthly draws. There are currently three prizes per month one each of £60, £30 and £20. There will be two extra draws per year, one at Christmas and one at the end of the year when the account is emptied.

Any profits raised by the draw will help to reduce the Parish debt. Application forms can be obtained from Rectory, the back of the Church, or Helen Lasek. Completed forms should be returned to St Ignatius Rectory. Payment can be made through your bank by standing order or by cash or cheque (payable to “St Ignatius 100 Club”).

If you are applying to join for the first time please fill in the following forms.

Application to join: St Ignatius 100 Club New Member Application 2021

Your preferred payment option: Standing Order Mandate St. Ignatius 100 Club 2021

It is envisaged that as the popularity of the Club grows, so will the club membership and prizes.

The first draw of the new year will take place at the beginning of June.

The church needs your support and there is a very good chance you could be a winner so please join THE 100 CLUB! Thank you for your time!


  1. Subscription is on an Annual basis entitling the member one number which will be entered into twelve draws throughout the year.
  2. Subscriptions are currently £1 per month equating to £12 per annum.
  3. During the first year applications would be accepted for partial year subscriptions, and this is to be reviewed annually.
  4. An individual can have as many subscriptions at the same time as they wish
  5. Draws will be held on a monthly basis, on the first Sunday of the month where possible, these will take place in the Manning Room after the 9.30am and before the 11.30 am Mass. The results will be published in the Church porch
  6. Additional draws will be held at the discretion of the 100 Club Committee.
  7. There will be one or more prizes at each draw, totalling not more than 55% of the proceeds from that draw and not less than 40% of the proceeds (after subtracting expenses incurred).
  8. The highest prize will be drawn first, followed by the next highest and so on until all prizes have been drawn.
  9. Once a prize has been won, the winning number is not eligible for further prizes in that month’s draw.
  10. Subscriptions are not normally refundable, except in exceptional circumstances (see 11. below).
  11. Should the 100 Club be disbanded subscriptions will be returned to members based on the number of draws that the member has paid for, but not been entered into, for that year. The refund will equal the annual subscription paid, minus one twelfth of the annual subscription for each draw that has taken place in that year.
  12. Any members joining partway through the year must have had membership for 6 months prior to any exceptional draws or have paid full annual subscriptions

The Committee Comprises of the following members:

Helen Lasek                         Chairman

Fr Christian De Lisle         Parish Priest ex Officio and signatory

Maureen Brown                  Treasurer

Marek Lasek                        Secretary

Pat Edgar                             Coordinator

Mary Soane                        Coordinator

The information provided by you on this form will only be used for the purpose stated within the parish. It will not be shared by any third party. For further details view the Privacy Notice on the parish website.

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