About the Parish

 St Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Church

The Parish of Sunbury-on-Thames is situated in the Upper Thames Deanery. It was founded in 1862. The church was built in 1869. It is built of Kentish Ragstone, with freestone dressings, in the style prevalent in England in the 13th Century.

Parish Priest

Father Christian de Lisle was appointed parish priest in October 2020, taking over from Father Michael Tuck who had served the parish since 2006. Since his ordination in 2016 he has served as Assistant Priest at St Paul’s Church in Haringey and then in a duel role as Assistant Priest at The Immaculate Heart of Mary and St Dominic’s Church in Hackney, as well as chaplain of the Homerton Hospital. On arriving at St Ignatius he told the parish, “I do not know the western part of the diocese well but I am sure I can come to learn about quickly. Under the care of Our Blessed Lady and St Ignatius may my time in Sunbury be one filled with God’s grace and may we all grow in holiness together.”

The Chancel Window

As you enter St Ignatius church the first dramatic image that catches your eye is the magnificent modern depiction of the risen Christ in the central Sanctuary window over the tabernacle at the far end of the church.

The window, installed in 1996, with the theme of the Resurrection, clearly depicts several of the key beliefs taken from the church scripture on the theme of the Resurrection. The main focus is the risen Christ, with his crucifixion wounds and the cross in the background, depicting triumph over sin and death as well as extending a welcome to all who pray in our church. This deliberate triumphant Christ reminds us of his victory over death to bring eternal life to us all. (Romans 8: 2-4. 1 Corinthians 15. 45). 

The window was installed to commemorate more than sixty years of devoted service that the Sisters of Charity of St. Paul gave to the Parish from the 1920s until they left in 1988.

St Ignatius Window

This window in the nave of the church features St Ignatius of Loyola. It was installed in memory of the service of Father Patrick Murray, who served as the parish priest for 29 years until his death on 14 February 1952 at the age of 77. He had been a priest for 49 years.


150 Years

For the 150th Anniversary of the opening of the church in 2019 a book was published on the history of the parish of St Ignatius of Loyola in Sunbury. Copies of the book can be obtained from the parish for £5 plus any postage costs.

The book can be viewed in pdf form by clicking on this link 150 years of St Ignatius of Loyola

Parish celebrations of the anniversary were led by Cardinal Vincent, who celebrated Mass for the parish.

A slideshow with pictures of our parish from the last 150 years is available below

Stations of the Cross

Our unusual Stations of the Cross were used for a Holy Week mediation while Covid-19 restrictions meant we were unable to have Church services.