Couples requesting Marriage should:

be living within the parish boundaries

  • give at least six months’ notice
  • be participating in weekly Mass on either Saturday or Sunday
  • be prepared to make themselves available to attend a weekend ‘Engaged Encounter’ Course
  • make themselves available for preparation sessions as required
  • provide the required paperwork and remuneration
  • contribute towards expenses as required.

At least one of the couple must be a Baptised Roman Catholic.

If you meet the above basic requirements, please see the parish after any Mass.

Marriage Encounter

Marriage Encounter offers weekends for couples wanting to deepen and enrich their marriages. Find out more and book at

There are also Engaged Encounter weekends for those who are preparing for marriage. See

 Marriage Care

Marriage Care is a national charity, specialising in adult couple relationships. It helps couples and individuals to build and sustain strong, fulfilling healthy relationships, as well as providing counselling support in times of relationship difficulty.

The charity offers marriage preparation workshops for couples marrying in the Catholic Church in England. and Wales that complements the preparation within the parish you are marrying in.

The course, called Preparing Together discusses building and sustaining relationships, the importance and significance of the marriage vows and your religious and public commitment to each other.

Attend a Preparing Together day

The one-day workshop for groups of up to 12 couples are normally held on Saturdays (or over a series of evenings), organised by local centres across England and Wales. For those in Sunbury the nearest centres are in Addlestone, Wimbledon and London. Details can be found on their website.

After attending the course you will receive a certificate to show that you have taken the time and effort to attend marriage preparation.

A downloadable guide is available here.

Websites and Resources supporting Marriage and Family Life

The National Association of Catholic Families

The National Association of Catholic Families provides moral, spiritual and social support for families to preserve Catholic family values

CTS Family Matters series

The Catholic Trust Society offers several easily digestible books on marriage and family life. The Family Matters series is a valuable resource for spouses and parents looking for information on the Churches teaching on marriage and family.