Children’s Sunday Liturgy – 9.30 am Mass

Every Sunday there are usually about 20 children aged 3-7 years old, and we could accept another 10.  If a child is able to sit for 5 minutes they are able to join us!  Space is limited, and the proximity to the Sanctuary means we have to be fairly quiet, and cannot play lively games!

As the children arrive in church, they are encouraged to join us in the ‘flower room’, so that they can discuss their news, etc, with their friends before the Priest processes through, and we begin our short service.

We have our own little altar, so we begin with a prayer, light the candle, and say a ‘sorry’ prayer, and then listen to a children’s version of the Gospel.  After a lively discussion about the meaning of the day’s liturgy, we colour, stick or make some small item, which we put on a presentation board, as a reminder.

We rejoin the church after our Prayer to Mary, and form the Offertory procession, with the children carrying the Gifts, and our board to present to the Priest.  They then return to their families.

If anyone would like to help, please contact the Parish Priest in the first instance.

Please note that we shall be “closed” from 15 July until September for the school holidays.