Children’s Sunday Liturgy – 9.30 am Mass

St Hugh of Lincoln RC Church, Children’s Liturgy YouTube channel

Our online videos are designed for the younger children of the parish, to help with their understanding of the weekly Gospel through interactive storytelling, song and prayer.


*** Due to online safety, we recommended children to be supervised by an adult when accessing the Internet.

In Pre-COVID times, the Children’s Sunday Liturgy Group happened at the weekly Family Mass at 09.30am each Sunday. When conditions permit, we will re-start our face to face Children’s Liturgy Group.

Each week, approximately 20 children between 3-7 years old joined the Children’s Liturgy Group after the invitation from the priest at the very beginning of Mass.  We then process, with our own Book of the Gospels, to our meeting space in the St Hilda room. We have our own little altar, so we begin with a prayer, light the candle, and say a ‘sorry’ prayer, and then listen to a children’s version of the Gospel.  After a lively discussion about the meaning of the day’s liturgy, we colour, stick or make some small item, which we put on a presentation board, as a reminder.

We re-join the main congregation in the church after our Prayer to Mary, and form the Offertory procession, with the children carrying the Gifts, and our board to present to the Priest.  After this, the children return to their families.

If anyone would like to help, please contact the Parish Priest in the first instance.