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Calling for new readers

Would you like to help people to meet God in his word and to deepen your own faith by making the Word of God more part of your life? Can you imagine yourself reading in front of our congregrations?

Readers are grouped together according to the Mass they normally attend on a rota basis and at the evening Mass on Holy Days of Obligation.

Becoming a Reader at St Hugh of Lincoln

Being part of the Lector Ministry

A reader proclaims the first and second readings during the Liturgy of the Word at Mass or the readings during Feast & Holy Day celebrations and the prayers of the faithful (otherwise known as the “Bidding Prayers” or “Universal Prayer”).   When the Psalm is not sung, the reader also leads the congregation in this and the Gospel Acclamation.

A reader, ideally, is a registered parishioner who has received the  Sacrament of Confirmation and is keen to be involved in one of the many ministries available in the parish.

A reader proclaims the Word of God in a position of privilege and responsibility. Bringing God’s word to others so that they can understand it and, with God’s grace, accept it is not just about “reading aloud”.  The role of communicating the Word of God, and leading the congregation in prayer is important and like any ministry, it takes time and effort.

Prior to reading, a reader should practice readings and prayers for meaning, intonation and difficult pronunciations.  These are available in the Mass Book.   In addition to Feast & Holy Day celebrations and the occasional upon request, readers work in groups for each weekend Mass and will read at Mass approximately 8-9 times a year.

The time commitment involved is however long it takes to prepare and practice the readings in advance.  Bidding Prayers can be found on the Lectern prior to every weekend Mass.  Meetings or rehearsals are infrequent although it is expected that readers will attend meetings/rehearsals that are requested by the priest. A mandatory short training session is provided for all new lectors.

If you are interested, feel free to speak to any of the existing readers about their experiences, Fr Jimmy or Mary Allott who co-ordinates the Readers’ Rota.  (Contact details below).

Fr Jimmy (via the Parish Office) 01462 510015 or email
Mary Allott (M) 07841 985715 or email