Welcome to the website of Our Lady of Lourdes, Harpenden!



Whether you are a longstanding member of the parish or have newly arrived or are simply a visitor to Harpenden, I am delighted to welcome you. I should also like to let you know about the life and work of the parish, and the possibilities there are for you to join with us in building up the Kingdom of God in this area.

This website is designed as a guide to the parish and to the many groups that are part of its mission.

ourladyharpendenYou and your family are encouraged to take part in whatever activity appeals to you and gives you the chance to put your talents at the service of others. The Church community can only succeed with the enthusiasm and energy of those who belong.

The Parish Office is open every weekday except Friday and our Parish Secretary Melanie, will be only too pleased to help you if you have any questions. Please do not hesitate to make contact.

For further information about the Parish, please contact the Parish Office.

I hope that you will feel at home in our parish and thChristmas 2019 Mass Times etc 26th November 2019at you will be able to contribute to the growth of the Church in Harpenden.





Canon Anthony Dwyer ~ Parish Priest