Child Protection Policy

Parish Policy Statement

It is the policy of this parish to protect children and young people from any kind of abuse and to provide a safe environment for them.

This commitment flows from our common belief in the dignity and uniqueness of every human life. It is our policy to respect that dignity and uniqueness.

We start from the principle that each child has the right to expect the highest level of care and protection, love, encouragement and respect that we can give.

It is our aim to provide an environment that supports and nurtures children so that they may develop and mature as safe from harm as possible.

While we aim to protect our children and young people from all kind of harm, we accept that some element of risk is unavoidable. Child Protection Procedures are intended to minimise those risks.

Child Protection Procedures are also intended to assist parish workers and volunteers in identifying ways in which they can safeguard the best interests of the children and young people in their care, and their own best interests as well.