Catenian Association

The Catenians are an association of like-minded Catholic men who meet socially for fellowship and encourage families to gather together for friendship and enjoyment.

Catenians are generally drawn from a professional or business background. They undertake to participate fully in the activities of the local Association, which meets monthly for dinner and fellowship.

Catenians are committed Catholics who take an active part in the work of their parishes and charities connected with the Church. Their families come together at social events.

Catenians support each other and their families in times of trouble and assist young Catholics.

Catenians are encouraged to meet with fellow Catenians elsewhere in the Diocese across the country and internationally.

Membership is by invitation and potential members are encouraged to attend meetings and social events before making a commitment.

If you would like to participate in, or want further information about, any of our groups please contact the Parish Office.