The Developing World Group

The aim of the Developing World Group is to help projects in less developed countries.

The Group helps fund projects costing from under £1,000 to £15,000 in most cases.

It raises money by means of donations made in a collection box at the back of church, standing orders, other donations including the Green Box Collection (see Finance below), Gift Aid and via the proceeds from a variety of social events.

The Group receives regular reports as projects develop and after they are completed. These are used to update parishioners using the Parish Newsletter, the notice board at the back of the church, as well as in annual DWG Project Reports which are included in a supplement to the Parish Newsletter at the end of each calendar year (please find electronic versions of the last two below).

The DWG section of the Parish website provides material on projects and the other main aspects of the Group’s work, including its goals and history.

This is a dynamic group, which always welcomes new members.

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Project Report for 2021

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