Parish Committees

For further information about any of the parish committees please contact the Parish Office.


The finance Committee’s primary function is to assist the Parish Priest in the administration and control of the funds and other assets of the Parish.

The Committee’s work includes, on the income side, the organisation of Planned Giving, Gift Aid and fundraising and, on the expenditure side, the approval of all items of major expenditure.

The Committee is responsible for ensuring that the books of accounts are kept accurately and that the annual financial returns are completed for the Diocese. It has full access to the Parish financial records and bank accounts.

The Committee meets a minimum of four times a year and consists of the Parish Priest and at least three lay persons with, wherever possible, financial or property experience. This number can be expanded on a short or long term basis to take account of any special needs or experience.

Repairs & Maintenance

The Repairs and Maintenance Committee is responsible for the preliminary investigation into any repairs or maintenance needs of church property – the Church, the Presbytery and the Lourdes Hall.
Members of the Committee instigate all minor repair needs and consult with the Diocesan Surveyor and other relevant bodies on any potential major works.


The Social Committee meets every 6-8 weeks and co-ordinates the social life of the parish.

Each year, many different social events take place, organised by different groups and individuals in the parish. The Committee aims to co-ordinate these events and offer support and publicity if needed. The Committee itself occasionally organises parish wide events.

The Committee tries to co-ordinate the parish social diary to prevent events clashing or being too close together and also to avoid too long a period without a parish event.

Area Representatives

The parish is divided into seven districts, each with one or more representatives, depending on the size of the district and the availability of volunteer representatives.

The representatives try to get to know all the parishioners in their district, welcome new parishioners, visit the sick and those who have had a recent bereavement. They also try to organise house masses and social get-togethers so that parishioners can get to know each other locally.

It is essential, therefore, to know where all of the members of the parish live and, if you are new to the parish or move house, please ensure that your details are available to us through the Parish Office.