Liturgical Ministry

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Ministers of Hospitality

When you come into the church, it is important that you be greeted and helped to begin a fruitful celebration of Mass. Although no-one in God’s House is a stranger, everyone needs to be helped and guided.

The Ministers of Hospitality carry out their role in the following ways:

  • they create an atmosphere of calm so that people are disposed for the important events that are to take place
  • they greet people so that they feel at home
  • they offer people the necessary books so that they can take a full part in the prayer and worship
  • they help people to find a place in the church
  • they take the collection
  • they arrange the procession of gifts
  • they tidy up after Mass.

This is an important ministry and is open to men and women of all ages.

Ministers of the Word

Ministers of the Word (the Readers) have an important role in the liturgy at all Masses.

At the weekend Masses, they read in turn; except at the Family Masses, where the readers are arranged by the Children’s Liturgy Group. At weekday Masses, members of the congregation offer themselves on an ad hoc basis.

Special arrangements are made to cover Christmas and Easter services. Full training is provided for all volunteers.

Prayers of the Faithful

The Prayers of the Faithful (the Bidding Prayers) are prepared by members of the parish in turn.

At the weekend Masses, our intercessions are made based upon the readings of the day and also reflect local, national and international events. We remember those parishioners who are sick and those who care for them. We also remember those who have died recently, together with those whose anniversaries occur at the time. We close the intercessions with our Parish Prayer.

If you would like to be involved in preparing the Prayers of the Faithful, your help would be much appreciated.

Ministers of Holy Communion

Ministers of Holy Communion have a key role to play in the spiritual life of our parish.

They help the Priest to distribute Holy Communion at Mass and they take Holy Communion to the sick at home and others who cannot make it to the church.

Full training is given to those who volunteer for this Ministry and Ministers of Holy Communion are invited to reaffirm their commitment to the Ministry on an annual basis.

Not all Ministers take Holy Communion to the homes of those who cannot make it to the church. There is a rota for weekend Masses and for home visits.

Altar Servers

Boys and girls can seek to become altar servers (and join the Guild of St. Stephen) as soon as they have made their First Holy Communion.

They cover all weekend Masses, together with all special services, in particular at Easter and Christmas.

All servers renew their pledge on St Stephen’s Day (26th December) each year, when cords and medals are awarded in recognition of their length of service.

Sacrament of the Sick

The Sacrament of the Sick provides a spiritual help and strength that is very powerful. If you know you are going into hospital it is a good idea to ask for this Sacrament before you go.

Once in the ward you will need to let the staff know you wish to see the chaplain. There is no automatic notification any more because of the data protection regulations.