About the Parish

Hounslow as a distinct parish was created in 1884. Prior to that it was served by a priest from the Sunbury parish.

Many years were to pass before Catholic worship was reinstated in the parish of Hounslow. To illustrate this, in 1706 it was reported that there were 3 Catholics in Isleworth, none in Hounslow and none in Cranford.

By 1862 a priest from Sunbury was visiting the Barracks in Hounslow to say Mass on Sundays. It is unlikely he was the first. Hounslow was part of the Sunbury parish which was called the “Sunbury and Hounslow Mission”. The Catholic Directory shows that in the years 1862-64 Rev Cyriacus Herdel lived at 6 Belgrave Terrace on the Bath Road and during the week Mass was said at this address.

Around 1885 through the generosity of the Beckwith sisters, F. Timothy O’Sullivan built a school – Chapel at 94 Bath Road.

During the week the building was used as a school and on Sundays it was turned into a place of worship.

The Hounslow Mission was created as a distinct parish in 1884. In 1885, through the generosity of Miss Madeline Bierwith, a school-chapel was built and became the centre of Catholic activity in the district. On a Sunday, the building served as a chapel, and during the week was converted with the minimum of effort into classrooms.

On August 24th, 1886 Cardinal Manning, Archbishop of Westminster, opened the Catholic Church of SS Michael and Martin. These saints were considered to be appropriate patrons for the garrison town of Hounslow.

The church was opened on the 19th of March 1929. It was consecrated (blessed) in 1935.altar