as of 11/Oct/2021

Parents of new-borns and those seeking Baptism may now register for the next preparation course in November and receive dates in Dec & Jan for Baptisms upon completion of the course.

Baptisms are now celebrated ONLY on Saturdays with multiple families at the Rite.

The registration form is at the bottom of this page. Please read all text on the Baptism form very carefully.

Please find the course details and requirements below.

For urgent Baptism in extreme circumstances (such as illness, danger of death, etc.) kindly contact any of the priests in our parish directly.

Parents should contact the parish in the first instance to arrange to attend a pre-Baptism preparation as required by Canon Law (851).

Parent’s seeking to baptise their children aged 6 and under must complete a two-session preparation course, which is held on two consecutive Sundays every alternate month. The course will be held in the Parish centre.

Upon completion of the course, a date is set for the Baptism. Dates are currently assigned in order of registration.

Godparents should be practising Catholics, who have reached the age of 16, and have been Confirmed and received their First Holy Communion. As parents are trusted to ensure that the Godparents are sufficiently aware of their obligations, Godparents are not required to attend this course, but are welcome to join in (preferably by prior arrangement).

Either one of the Catholic parents must provide a copy of their Baptism certificate after the preparation course.

Families seeking Baptism must be registered parishioners – i.e. You would have filled out a Parish Registration form and submitted it to the Parish office. Parish records are to be regularly updated with changes in address, births, deaths, additional family members moving in/out of the household.
All registered families are reminded to sign up for ‘Planned Giving’ envelopes / issue standing orders for their weekly offering to the Church. 

Next course:

2 x Sundays in November 2021 (dates TBA)

Both sessions must be attended by both parents. If only one parent is Catholic, the Catholic parent must attend.

Those who miss part of or a full session may have to attend the next available course in it’s entirety.

Families must pre-register using the webform below.

If you need any clarification, please email Lionel at:

Baptism Course – Registration Form

Please CLICK or SCAN the QR code below for the online registration form.
Baptism Course Registration Form

NOTE: Families MUST BE registered as parishioners to proceed. 

New parishioners can find instructions on Parish Registration in the Parish Newsletter.

Your Parish record must be updated when you;
1. Change your address.
2. Add family members.
3. Have family members move away.
4. Notify us that you are leaving the parish.
Contact the parish administrator via email to update your record.
You may register for the course now as long as you update your records soon after.
The below guidelines have been provided to help you plan for your child’s Baptism.

Guidelines on the Celebration of Baptism being followed have been published by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales (CBCEW).

  • Multiple family baptisms have now resumed.
  • Baptisms are now celebrated only on Saturdays with a maximum of 6 families per Baptism.
  • There is no limit on the number of people attending a child’s Baptism.
  • Wearing of face-covering (covering the nose & mouth) is compulsory inside the church for all attendants aged 12 and over during the celebration of Baptism. Only those with a medical exemption document are excused.