Finance, Operations and Property Committees

To ensure that our parishes can fulfil our mission we rely on many parishioners to share their skills and knowledge for the maintenance and administration of the sites that have been passed down to us. To aid the parish priest in this duty each parish has a committee to support him. Here are two canons from the Code of Canon Law which define the administrative role of the parish priest and the finance committee. These are: 

Canon 532: In all juridical matters, the parish priest acts in the person of the parish, in accordance with the law. He is to ensure that the parish goods are administered in accordance with Canons 1281–1288. 

Canon 537: In each parish there is to be a finance committee to help the parish priest in the administration of the goods of the parish, without prejudice to Canon 532. It is ruled by the universal law and by the norms laid down by the diocesan Bishop, and it is comprised of members of the faithful selected according to these norms. 

In our parishes our Finance Committees are known as the Finance, Operations and Property Committees, reflecting the diverse areas that they assist the parish in ensuring we are compliant with current regulations and running as efficiently and safely as possible. The FOP meets every quarter and constantly support and advise the parish priest on ongoing projects throughout the year. 

Alongside the Parish Priest the current membership of our Finance, Operations and Property Committees is as follows: 

Our Lady’s, Rickmansworth

Chair – Louise Leahy 

Budget & Finance – Carol Bartlett 

Property – Michael Quinn 

Health and Safety – Peter Baxter 

Gift Aid – Neil Hilary 

St John Fisher

Chair & Finance – Carolyn Opie 

Property & Health and Safety – Alan Opie 

Secretary – Malcolm Golin 

Member – Kate Cunningham 

Member – Rosemary Ellis 

St John’s, Mill End:

Chair & Finance – Sandra Miller 

Property – Christian Zammit 

Health & Safety – Jim Elsdon 

Secretary – Nikki Tew 

Member – Alyson Grady