Joint Parish Pastoral Council

The JPPC was established in March 2019, with the principal role of supporting the parish priest in the development of a strategic and long-term vision for the renewal process for our three parish communities, following the ‘maintenance to mission’ principles of ‘Divine Renovation‘. The JPPC meet every two months. 

The current membership of the JPPC is: 

Fr Andrew Gallagher, Parish Priest – President 

Fr Matteo Di Giuseppe, Assistant Priest – Ex-Officio 

Richard Booth (SLT) – Ex-Officio (appointed for 1 year term of office in February 2024) 

A member of the Parish Youth Ministry Leadership Team 

Each parish has an elected core group of three members: 

Our Lady’s, Rickmansworth Core Group

Lizzie Quinn – until February 2025 

Jane Irwin – until February 2025 

Beatrix Li – until February 2025 

St John’s, Mill End Core Group 

Position Vacant 

David Kendrick – until February 2025 

Sue Noble – until February 2025 

St John Fisher, Chorleywood Core Group

Eddie O’Sullivan – until February 2026 

Elaine Price – until February 2026 

Position Vacant 

The Terms of Reference for the JPPC are available here: 

JPPC-Terms-of-Reference (Revised July 2021) 

Minutes of JPPC Meetings 

The Minutes of the JPPC March 2024 meeting are available here: