Becoming a Catholic

Making the decision to become a Catholic is a momentous one that should be taken with much consideration and thought. It is not a decision to rush into or to make for any other reason other than recognising the call of God in your life and believing that the fullness of faith and the Church of Christ in this world subsists in the Catholic Church.

If you recognise that call of God to come to know him better and to be opened up to receiving the graces that he offers us through the Sacraments you should speak in the first instance to Fr Gerard or Fr Alex who will be happy to support you on whatever stage of the journey you are on.

You’re very welcome to speak to Fr Gerard or Fr Alex after any of the parish Masses, alternatively you can email the parish office and arrange an appointment. Useful information to prepare beforehand includes:

  • How have you come to this decision?
  • How long you have been considering becoming a Catholic? Also let us know if you’ve spoken to a priest before in another parish
  • Have you been baptised into another Christian denomination or have you been raised in a different religious tradition?

The parish runs programmes during the year, however, just as each person’s journey to faith is different, each case is explored with the clergy of the parish on an individual basis to provide the most appropriate support for each candidate.