Parish of Holy Rood, Watford

Holy Rood is committed to the care of all its parishioners. It is a church full of diverse cultures, friendly and beautiful people. It is also full of volunteers who help the Parish Priest, his assistant and the deacon to meet the diverse spiritual needs of parishioners.
The church since time immemorial has relied on this immense help of voluntarism from her kind and talented parishioners to prepare both young and old parishioners for the sacraments and visits to vulnerable adults especially the aged who are unable to attend masses to receive Holy Communion in the comfort of their homes.

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding covers vetting and safer recruitment, safer working practices, responding to concerns, working with partner agencies such as the Police and Social Services, dealing with allegations against those responsible for children or vulnerable adults. Safeguarding is protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse. It also involves promoting and implementing the National policies for Child Protection or the Protection of Vulnerable Adults which have been adopted by the Diocese.

The safeguarding and protection of children and vulnerable adults is everyone’s responsibility. We as a Parish must ensure that all children and adults taking part in activities in the Church do so in a loving, caring and safe environment. The welfare and safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults are matters of concern and vigilance. Every measure is taken to maintain a safe environment for all and to practice fully and positively in the ministry towards children and vulnerable adults.

The Church will liaise closely with statutory agencies to ensure that any allegations of abuse are promptly and properly investigated, survivors appropriately supported, and perpetrators held to account.

Disclosure and Barring Service Certificate (formerly CRB Certificate)

The parish safeguarding reps. meet with all volunteers whose roles require them to undertake DSB checks;
To conduct ID verifications of documentation to help with safe identification and recruitment at the parish and diocesan level as and when needed of persons whose roles bring them into contact with vulnerable people/parishioners such as children, sick and the housebound.

  • To ensure both young and vulnerable adult parishioners are safe from harm and abuse.
  • To ensure parishioners are encouraged and enabled to enjoy fullness of life in Jesus Christ through
    prayerful, caring, nurturing, supportive and protective endeavours of the Holy Rood Parish both
    individually and as a church community.
  • Keep all documents of volunteers confidential and respect their wish to have all such personal
    details/documents in safe hands or where necessary properly dispose of them as required by the General
    Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What is expected from volunteers/parishioners?

Every volunteer who works with children or a vulnerable group will have to apply for a DBS Certificate. This ensures that those who work with children or vulnerable people have been recruited on a fully informed basis.

  • Volunteers must agree to undergo DBS Checks when required.
  • Agree to submit valid documents e.g. passport, driver licence, marriage certificates, proof of address and
    referees in good and at appointed time to facilitate easy process of identification and submission of
    documents to the Diocesan Safeguarding office for further action.
  • Work with the parish safeguarding team and the parish priest, etc., to ensure cooperation at all times to
    safeguard all vulnerable parishioners.
  • Inform the team of all safeguarding concerns in the parish.
  • Parishioners please be aware that Parish Safeguarding Reps are also volunteers.

For further information please go to:

Diocese of Westminster Safeguarding:

Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service:

Educare: A service providing e-learning for safeguarding.
The on-line training courses are available to every Catholic. The Diocese encourages all those who work in parishes to access and complete the modules. Please contact to register interest in these courses.

If you have any concerns or questions about safeguarding issues in the Parish, please contact: –

Our Parish Safeguarding Representatives:

Andrew Danquah

Aitana Mateo –

Emma Daniels –

If you believe that a child or adult at risk is in immediate danger then please contact the emergency services on 999.

RCDOW Safeguarding Team

Episcopal Vicar for Safeguarding – Rev Monsignor Séamus O’Boyle:  020 7226 3277
Interim Safeguarding Manager – Barbara Beese:  0207 798 9350
PA to the Safeguarding Coordinator/Team Administrator/Commission Secretary – Gabriele Sedda:  0207 798 9356
Safeguarding Officer – Natalie Creswick:  0207 798 9359
DBS Administrator – Jackie Krobo:  0207 798 9352
Safeguarding Support Officer – Arianna Sommariva:  020 7798 9358